Impact of HR Practices on Employee satisfaction at Mobilink

HRM619 Impact of HR Practices on Employee satisfaction at Mobilink


HR Practices on Employee satisfaction

In any organization HR practices impact on employee’s efficiency. In order to attain high order job Satisfaction Company should make its HR practices more effective. So this study has also been conducted to examine the HR practices in Mobilink. The aim of the study determine the employees’ satisfaction level in Mobilink and then to find out the relationship between HR practices and employees’ satisfaction. Questionnaires were prepared and distributed among employees of Mobilink to conduct the results.

The main purpose of this research is to examine the impact of HR practices on job satisfaction in Mobilink.  The primary aim of this study is to find out the true facts regarding to HR practices of Mobilink telecom and employees job satisfaction. The study will examine all the training practices like employees training, performance appraisal, career planning, employee participation, compensation, and selection. To know the employee perception regarding all these practices of Mobilink, data will be collect from the employees from lower to middle level through using questionnaires.

70 sample sizes has taken as employees of Mobilink. Greater number of respondents was female employees and the average age of all respondents was between 31 years to 40 years. So it’s indicated that people were mature and data is valid.

Mean tests and correlation were carried out to determine the results. Mean values from table 1.1 indicates that majority of employees have agree response towards questionnaires. From table 1.2 Employees satisfaction found also agree. Hence the correlation was also determined as strong. There was strong Correlation found between Training, Performance Appraisal, Career Planning, Employee Participation, Job Definition, Compensation and Selection with satisfaction.

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  1. Yes i agree because its the beginning of the research and obviously we will do research with so much care in collecting data about the population and then we will get accurate estimation of population. i.e if we will start a business for the first time then we have to study the market carefully, we need to know about the needs and demands of the people, then we will get to know is that business is good for us or not and for this we will collect information because it will be the beginning of the business and we need to know highlight about many problems etc.SO exploratory research is good for this.
    the objective of exploratory research is to bring insight and understanding to the situation of the problem. its purpose is to gain background information, precision and clarity in problems, develop hypothesis, establish research priorities and define terms.

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