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Sir Please answer the following questions.
  1. If somebody else wants to verify our findings. In the latter case the other person has to follow the same procedure that we followed.
  2. Why he should follow our procedure? What’s the logic behind it?
  3. Does he adopt any new procedure?? If not then why??
  4. Topic Research helps in developing methodologies,  “Sister Subjects” What is this??

         Research is like a chain. With the passage of time issues and results become modify. Suppose, if we have done research on the employee job satisfaction of educational institutes. And one more researcher wants to explore the employee job satisfaction of banking sector. Now, in both cases the behavior of employee might be same or might be change. Researcher might be used the same procedure as I did if literature support that procedure

ii)                  But, it is not mandatory every time that researcher would follow the same procedure. That’s why there is need to explore the extensive literature on some particular topic to explore the possibilities for future researches. So, procedure will be selected from the previous studies.

iii)                A sister subject means the same type of study.

Dear Sir,

I have a small question that is all research done using statistics techniques only, or there are other subjects of knowledge too that have application in scientific research? If there are, which are these other subjects used in scientific research?
Thank you

Your question is quite ambiguous; kindly restate your query so that I will be in good position to answer your query. As far as my understanding, might be you are asking about scientific research statistical techniques.

If we talk about the statistical techniques, every field of research has its own statistical techniques used for data analyzing.  So, scientific researches have their own techniques and management researches have their own like regression etc.

One more important point basically there is two types of researches qualitative and quantitative. In qualitative research includes revealing the issues related to some particular topic. It uses in-depth studies and resulted in descriptive rather than predictive.

Dear Sir, AOA Why we study research methods ?

Research methodology is an essential subject to study because of its varying significance. Following points explains its significance.

  • Research helps to find the solution of the problem in a systematic and organized way. Therefore we can’t find the solution of our problem in haphazard manner if we want to do research. If we do not use a systematic approach then decisions will be based on a person who uses common sense alone for analysis and decision making, and his decisions will be less reliable.
  • Research methodology is not only helpful for academicians but also helps the managers in the fast-paced global environment that business face. For instance, manager can have an effective interaction between managers and consultants; it helps to differentiate between good and bad studies.
  • Research can be undertaken for two different purposes; one is to solve a current problem faced by the manager in the work setting, demanding a timely solution is called applied research. The other is to generate a body of knowledge by trying to comprehend how certain problems that occur in organizations can be solved, this is called basic research.

Sir, how intuition or sensory observation could be empirical and  verifiable, as these are the features of scientific research method.

The two terms intuition and sensory observation are different. Intuition means our perception; the ability to understand something without the need for conscious reasoning. Whereas; as far as sensory observations are concerned that refers to observe the realties on the basis of our five senses i.e. touch, smell, taste, vision and hearing sense. Intuition cannot be put into sensory experience as it depends on our instinct, therefore; it is out of domain of scientific research. However, sensory observation comes under the area of scientific research having features of being empirical and verifiable.

First of all it is necessary to know what we mean by empirical and verifiable,

Empirical means that facts which we can observe through our five sense; i.e. sense of sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell. Whereas; verifiable means confirming or rejecting our findings.  For example, we heard that income level of an employee is very low. Now this fact is empirical (measurable) as we can come to know the pay of that employee through his/her pay slip. Moreover, it is also verifiable as it can be confirmed by reading attentively the pay slip.

Dear sir please explain cumulative and rationalism in mba dissertation marketing topics

Cumulative means to aggregate or to increase. The researcher finds out the areas that have not been addressed/ researched yet by studying existing researches. In this way he/she tries to create new knowledge by conducting his/her own research and makes it part of the existing body of knowledge. This new knowledge fills the gap of ignorance and, that is how, the knowledge cumulates or grows.

Secondly, Rationalism is a scientific activity that primarily relies on logical reasoning. It is based on the assumption that reason and logic are the fundamental sources of knowledge.

 hope it is clear to you now but still if you have any ambiguity feel free to ask at qundeel.com@gmail.com

How research methods implement in study in mba dissertation?

Research helps to find the solution of the problem in a systematic and organized way. Therefore we can’t find the solution of our problem in haphazard manner if we want to do research. If we do not use a systematic approach then decisions will be based on a person who uses common sense alone for analysis and decision making, and his decisions will be less reliable.

Research methodology helps to identify the problems and also opportunities which eventually help to implement and evaluate the course of action. I hope this answers your query.


Search the relevant academic articles through different internet sources i.e. Google Scholar on the basis of your topic. An intelligent search with specific and smart key words can get you 5 to 10 relevant articles. Limited databases are also available in the digital access provided by VU, available on main page of VULMS under the section of academic.

Assalam-o-Alaikum Respected Sir, What is action and applied Research? Please clarify in simple and easy words.

Applied research is one of the types of research.  It helps to meet the immediate objectives to solve the issue, develop policy, and make decisions. In management sciences, applied research is to solve a current problem faced by the manager in the work setting, which demands a timely solution to the problem.  For example, if in an organization turnover rate is increasing, the need of the hour is to solve that particular problem instantly. Such research is called applied research.

Whereas, action research is the type of applied research. In this type of applied research, those who are being studied participate in research process. In this way the respondents get familiar with the study which leads to have better solution of the problem.

Dear Sir can we say about exploratory research that it is actually a preliminary activity of real research. as read in the notes, it shows that this does not conclude on the mba dissertation topic of research but rather provides a feasibility study type of report.  On the other had, if we increase domain of exploratory research, can it become some other type which actually defines the problem and provides valuable information on the research topic..So we may start with exploratory research and end up in some other type in due course of time…Kindly advise if this thought process makes sense. Regards Sadaf

Good question, Dear student Exploratory research is used when the researcher does not know the precise research questions to begin with, and thus uses a flexible design to make sure nothing is missed. This design is often used at the initial stages of the research process when the problem is not yet completely defined. The objective here is to explore all the facets, and possibilities.

When the problem is clearly defined then, exploratory research forms the basis for other type of researches such as descriptive and explanatory research. Problem once defined helps to know the descriptive about certain topic and further cause and effect relation can also be found. Hope it is clear to you now but still if you have any ambiguity feel free to ask at qundeel.com@gmail.com.

Sir Please explain difference between deductive logic and inductive logic in simple words.Regards Sadaf

Deductive approach/ reasoning is a process in which researcher works from very general information to the more specific by taking logics and analysis to reach on some certain conclusion or theory. This process is also known to be top-down approach.

While, on the contrary, inductive approach is process in which researcher starts its work from specific observations or theory to broader generalizations. This process is known to be bottom-up logic.

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