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Respected Sir, The recommended book is ” Research methods. Neuman’s Social Research Methods”.Sir may i ask this book have also guidance for all research categories irrespective of the human study (social research methods).

Dear Student… Yes. But you can also consult any book on research methods, like written by Uma Sekaran, Zikmund, Creswell, etc. they all have covered the same topics of research methods.


Dear Student… You can consult any book on Research Methods. Definitely, the topics discussed in lectures are almost covered by every book on Research Methods. Please do not get confused. In case of any other query, please do not hesitate to ask.

Nothing such is available. However under Lesson Tab Lesson No.1 detail and power point slides are available from where one can have guidance.

Dear Student.. You can access them at http://ocw.vu.edu.pk/Videos.aspx?cat=Probability+%26+Statistics&course=STA730

Secondly, you can use any ebook on Research Methods. Neuman’s Social Research Methods, 7th Edition, is comprehensive and recommended for reading.
Asalam u alikum Sir, Please guide me that when we write literature review, we will write the statements/definitions of other in our own words or we have to write it in the same word as the author has said. Is there any difference between endnote and references? Thanks

Dear Student

There is a complete lesson on literature review. Further, two more video links have been sent to you.  I am pasting the links of these videos.

Ovreviewiterature Review


Dear sir assalamoalikum: Please tell me that still  “Research articles” would be provided by you or these are already included in recommended book of saunders ?

For clarity and self development, you can search and read the articles by yourself. Use Google Scholar for searching the articles. Though, I will also provide articles against which students will be assessed.

Dear sir assalamoalikum: I am following book of Research Methods For Business Students”  by Saunders. I have listened first video lecture, Please tell me that after listening this lecture which chapter of book by saunders would i consult or study ? I am facing difficulty in understanding which chapter of this book is relevant to me for 1st video lecture ?

Go through chapter 2,4 and share your finding with us. From now on, I expect that you can locate the relevant material by yourself.

Sir I have been trying my level best to get the originality test of my assignment from turnitin but despite my efforts I am unable to get the test due to some login issues. Kindly help me out what to do as today is the extended day for the assignment. I can assure you that I have not copied anything from anywhere. Thanks 

Dear Student
Please provide the complete VU ID email in login name and use that password which you have received on your VU email. Tunitin registers a student only once and allocates a unique username and password. After that no matter how many times you are enrolled in different classes by your instructors, you will use the username and password that has been sent to you the very first time by Turnitin authorities. If you already have been enrolled in any other class, you are required to use that username and password for getting access to all the classes you are enrolled in

In case you forgot for password then follow the instruction to retrieve your password:

1) Click the following Link:
2) Enter the email address you use to access Turnitin mb140200028@vu.edu.pk . Also enter your “last name” that is Siddiq and then click “Next.”
Note: your “last name” is whatever is stored in your Turnitin user profile.
3) The system may ask you for the answer to your secret question. Enter the answer and click “Next” to reset your password immediately. Otherwise, click “Forgot the Answer” and an email will be sent to you with a unique password (re)set link.
4) Once you receive the password reset email, you must use the provided link within 24 hours to set a new password.

If still you find any issue, you can ask at qundeel.com@gmail.com


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