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What is the difference between applied research and pure research ?Kindly answer my question.

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Applied knowledge is to solve a current problem faced by the manager in the work setting, which demands a timely solution to the problem.  For example, if in an organization turnover rate is increasing, the need of the hour is to solve that particular problem instantly. Such research is called applied research.

Pure research also called the Basic research is to generate a body of knowledge to comprehend how certain problems occur. It is possible that researchers later apply the generated knowledge in future to solve their problems. A researcher wants to know what causes job satisfaction   among employees. To know about these factors comes under basic research, but if a manger takes the findings of this research and apply in his organization to solve the problem of dissatisfaction among employees then this research would come under applied research.

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What is difference between qualitative and quantitative? what is meant by variables?

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Qualitative research generally examines people’s words or actions in narrative or descriptive ways more closely representing the experiences of the people involved, it focuses on understandings, meanings and it takes seriously lay accounts and concepts. Quantitative research generally converts observations into discrete units that can be compared to other units by statistical analysis. It focuses on explanation, prediction and proof. Variable is an attribute or characteristics of an object that takes on different values (i.e. that varies) within the population under investigation (e.g. age, weight, pulse rate).

How can we interlink the value of research and The Scientific Method?

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In generic terms, research is valuable to find a solution of any undesired situation and doing it by using scientific method increases its generalizability. In actual research is usually done by using the scientific method to make the research systematic.

Research is valuable in every field whether it is medical, applied sciences, management and behavioral studies. Research is not only valuable to solve a problem rather it is helpful for new discoveries and improvements in life and this has to be done using scientific method.

What is meant by sensory experiences?

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Experiences that a human being experience by using his five senses are termed as sensory experiences. Five senses are; sense of sight, sense of hearing, sense of touch, sense of taste, sense of smell.

What is difference between a hypothesis and assumption?  Can u define postulation?

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Hypothesis and assumption are more or less synonyms. But in the language of research, when we suggest certain happening and test it then it is hypothesis not assumption.

It is assumed that you want to ask about population. Population is a specified accumulation of study elements. For example if you want to study college students of Lahore then student of any college in the premises of Lahore is your population.

I want to grasp the characteristics of research in order to learn about the scientific method, guide me in this respect.

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Characteristics of Scientific research are important to understand the research method. You are guided to watch video lesson very carefully and read recommended book also. If even you don’t understand any concept you can write us. Moreover you can explore the given link to understand the concepts;



A term “pilot studies: was used in lecture can i have a proper definition of it? and some more details of how it is different from explanatory research.

In simple words, pilot study is a short research in which data has been gathered on test basis from few respondents and then analysis has been made. This activity basically guides the researcher to make necessary changes in the research questionnaire/interview questions/discussion themes. It may also highlight any important aspect which will be neglected before.Conclusively, Pilot study is carried out to increase the reliability and validity of the research instrument.

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What is Research? And what we find during the research?If we don’t know about any thing , then how can find unkown things that could fulfill our requirement?

Research is an organized, systematic, objective, scientific inquiry to get solution of a specific problem. Research is done to make informed rather than haphazard decisions. To search something does not mean that you used scientific inquiry or the results of searching are objective.  So basic difference is that research is a step by step process to make the informed decision, and searching something can be haphazard also.

It’s not always the case that we don’t know anything while doing research. It all depends on the objectives of research. When we don’t know anything about research then we do exploratory research. Exploratory research is used when the researcher does not know the precise research questions to begin with, and thus uses a flexible design to make sure nothing is missed. This design is often used at the initial stages of the research process when the problem is not yet completely defined. The objective here is to explore all the facets, and possibilities.

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