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Dear Sir What is Importance of Basic and Applied Research

A Basic research in Virtual university final year projects is the study of any general phenomenon though it processes us finds an activity. Although this activity generate W’s like Why, Who, Where, when etc. this is basically to exploring things or digging to investigate is called research. With basic research we find the principle and its fundamentals. Whereas applied research is a thorough process of research to find specific task/ activity/ change or in-depth analysis. A easy understandable example is the research on atomic bomb. Before a century ago researchers find a smallest particle in uranium and in-depth research (applied research) built a bomb, one of the deadly ever.

Usually research works on nature study and find benefits out of it, cloning is an example of applied research too, initially basic research provide how a DNA works and detailed research produced cloning of sheep, even babies through test tubes.  In our country we had basic knowledge of agriculture but time to time we find many solutions and as well as agriculture research centers for plants/ animals to get health production etc. at last I could add both basic and applied research techniques are important to do scientific or any other process.

Dear Sir,Please tell me about Theoretical framework and Generation of hypothesis in easy wording and example?

Basically theoretical framework is the model that conceptually defines the variables and makes logical relationship among them. Theoretical Framework is a model that leads to generate empirically tested hypothesis.  This model is the essence of any research because the model identifies, defines and logically relates variables that are under study. Generation of hypothesis means creation of hypothesis by keeping theoretical framework as a base.

For example, there are two variables; advertisement and sales. In theoretical framework you need to define these two variables; their different dimensions and elements, logical relationship among them, direction of relationship and possible propositions. After theoretical framework you need to generate a hypothesis.

Sir uses of research are catagarised into two subheadings basic & aplied, but if i am doing an research which is neither basic nor applied, can i give it an other name like general research, for instance if i am doing research just on social problems of Pakistan, not on reasons for them.

We divide the research into its types depending upon its purpose, use, or time dimension. You have to be clear about your research objective that whether you want to find out just the social problems of Pakistan or the objective is something different. Please be little specific so that your query can be entertained.

I find it difficult to understand “impact assessment research”. Please define it with an easy example.

Impact assessment research is conducted to find out the impact of an action/change/project on environment/behaviors/performance. This research can be conducted in natural sciences like impact of medicine on human body/impact of dams on environment etc. Such researches can also be conducted in social sciences like impact of organizational change on culture/behaviors or impact of salary increase on performance. In social sciences, it can also be called as experimental design research.

Dear sir describe the Deception in easy words? So i can understand easly i shall thankful to you.

Deception includes several types of communications or omissions that serve to distort or omit the complete truth. While exploring your area of interest may require misleading or not completely informing your subjects about the true nature of your research, as a general rule, serious deception should be avoided whenever possible, since it jeopardizes the integrity of informed consent.

•Intentionally misleading participants about their status
•Giving false information about the investigators or the research purpose
•Omitting information about the real purpose of the research

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