FIN619 Final Project Research Proposal Format Sample 2015

FIN619 Final Project Research Proposal Format Sample 2015.

Research Proposal Format Sample for MBA Finance Students. 

A project research proposal sample is a document that presents a plan for a project to reviewers for evaluation. It is actually a road map showing clearly the location from where a journey begins; the method of getting there and the destination to be reached at.

The purpose of the project proposal template is to: 

Present the issue to be researched and its importance.  Give an idea to instructor about how you will proceed in project. Suggest the data necessary for solving the problem and how the data will be gathered, analyzed   and interpreted A proposal is also known as a work plan, prospectus, and outline, statement of intent or draft plan. It tells us

  1. What will be done?
     Why it will be done?
     How it will be done?
     Where it will be done?
     For whom it will be done?
     What is the benefit of doing it?
  2. FIN619 Format of Proposal for Project

  3. Title page: It should include:-

  4. The topic
     Name & ID of the student
     Name of the University
     University Logo
     Date of Submission
  5. Scanned copy of FIN619 JCL (Job Confirmation Letter):

  6. Attach the scanned copy of your original JCL (Job Confirmation Letter) which is provided
    to you by your current organization/employer.

  7. 1.1  Introduction of the Project: It should include:

  8.         Why is this problem or question important?”
    “Who else has worked on this or similar problems?”
    “What methods were used?”
    “What were the results or conclusions of previous research?
  9. Research Design

  10. How will I limit my study?”
    “What data do I need to collect?”
    “What methods will I use to collect the data and how will I justify them?”
  11. Chapter No 2: Project Proceedings 

  12. It should include expected project sections, parts, main headings or outline of the final project. Detailed description of expected project sections and parts is not required. Students are advised to explore relevant topic’s project format file (available in downloads link) for this chapter.
  13. Data Collection Sources:

  14. Describe all the sources to be used for data collection
  15. Primary sources
     Secondary sources
  16. Data Analysis

  17. Which software package (MS Excel, SPSS, etc.) will be used for data entry and analysis?
  18. Introduction of the student 

  19. Last Degree Obtained
     Organization’s Name Where Currently Employed
     Experience (Years)
  20. Bibliography

  21. The APA formatting guidelines for the references citation are given in the lecture # 45 of the course “Research Methods (STA630)”. You must review and watch video lecture # 45 of STA 630 for your better understanding. It is advised to explore downloads link of this project course where APA guidelines file is also available.

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