Dare to Ask Mian Aamir All about Research Questionnaires

Assalam alaikum Sir may we use social media sites like Facebook or tweeter for distributing our questionnaire?

Dear Student,
I think FaceBook can be used but there is an issue of reliability in this method. If someone has formulated a group in which each member is known to the researcher and questionnaire is relevant to that group members then you can use FaceBook for obtaining the responses of questionnaires.

Respected sir,
Please do answer our Research questionnaires. we know that through this we disturbed you. we are new in vulms and do not know how to do things.you are our teacher it is your moral duty to guide us properly. the link you mentioned it didn’t work ( qundeel.com@gmail.com ). we are facing much difficulties here.or it is not our mistake if we ask question from you.
please please please tell us at once, the method of mail, what should we write in the option cc or bcc.
regards your obedient student.

I am sorry for not answering you on time, there are multiple reasons. There is strike in Lahore on Monday and I am unable to come in office. On Tuesday, we have office meeting and all the managers are invited to attend . I really understand your problem but let me assure you that we take your queries seriously and on priority basis. Hopefully you understand my position.

Coming back to your query, if you read the announcement carefully, it is clearly mentioned in the instructions that how much lessons will be included in the quiz. I advise you to read the complete announcement for the next time. Hopefully answers of many queries are available in your announcement section.

Dear sir , kindly explain what is pilot study ??and you describe in the lecture that applied research is descriptive and lecture 18-19 you describe  …. descriptive research is the uni variate research in what manner i understand this concept whether if descriptive research is one variable study then how applied research questionnaires is descriptive because applied research is use to solve the problem at a time when it occur but problem is that may be two way , bi variate .

Dear Student,
Applied research can and cannot be descriptive. It depends upon the nature of problem which defines the research type. So applied research will use single or multiple variables in the study depending upon the nature of problem.

Dear Sir what is implicit and explicit study…. with example ….?

There is no term like implicit or explicit study. However we have well established literature on implicit and explicit knowledge. In very simple words, explicit knowledge is what we can explain in words. On the other hand, implicit knowledge is what you cannot explain in words or which are highly difficult to explain in words due to its tacit nature.

Respected Sir what is inductive role and deductive role pls explain with example.

Induction and deduction is not only an approach but considered to be the competing paradigms. The discussion is complex and chaotic but I will explain you in simple words which may be sufficient to fulfill your subject requirement.

In Inductive approach, we start our research from observation and end up with a theory/proposition but in deduction, we start from theory and end up in confirming or rejecting a theory.Induction is a process used in qualitative research and deduction is used in quantitative research.

Hopefully you have understood the phenomenon.

Dear sir, kindly plz explain the validty and reliability in simple words and how is it prepared for the papers pls.

Dear Students,

Thx for inquiring. Validity ensures that the instrument is measuring what it supposed to measure and reliability ensures the consistency of measure of instrument to measure the concept consistently across times. For more details, you are advised to consult lesson 18.

Students may ask any question related to research at qundeel.com@gmail.com.

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