Comparing Advertising strategies of Beverage industry in Pakistan

Comparing Advertising strategies of Beverage industry in Pakistan

The purpose of this research was to determine and comparing advertising strategies of beverages industry in Pakistan the consumer perception towards mentioned organization. The objective of the research was to know the consumers perception regarding to Pepsi cola and Coca and then compare the consumer’s feedback each other with the help of percentage analysis.

Advertising strategies

The data was collected from the consumers with the help of structured questionnaires by using a non probability sampling technique (convenience sampling). The Data analysis portion presents the true feedback of the respondents that were recorded with the help of doing survey at mentioned market. All the respondents feedback have been measured with the help of percentage analysis and data was presented in tabulation form as well as in graphically form.

Introduction.. 6

1.1 Introduction of the project 7

1.2 Background of the project 7

1.3 Company’s introduction. 8

1.5 Objectives of the project 10

1.6 Significance of the project 10

Advertising strategies of Coca Cola. 11

2.1 Marketing mix of Coca cola. 11

2.2 Market segmentation strategies of Coca cola. 13

2.4 Advertising objectives of Coca Cola. 14

2.5       Message strategy. 15

2.6 Message execution. 15

2.9 Coca cola using two types of major media. 15

  1. Electronic media TV.. 15
  2. Print Media News paper and Magazine. 15

Competitor Analysis  (Pepsi Cola. 16

3.2 Marketing mix of Pepsi 17

Pepsi cola also promoting its products by using following tools. 18

3.3 Market segmentation strategies of Pepsi 18

3.4 Target marketing strategies of Pepsi 19

3.5 Advertising objectives of Pepsi 19

3.6 Message strategy of Pepsi 19

3.7 Message execution by Pepsi 19

3.8 Major media types used by Pepsi 19

3.9 Specific media vehicles (such as TV. Radio etc) used by Pepsi 19

3.10 Media timing used by Pepsi 20

Research Methodology.. 20

4.1 Data Collection Sources. 20

Primary sources. 21

4.3. Sample size. 21

4.4 Sampling technique. 21

4.5 Target Population. 22

4.6 Data Collection tools. 22

Data processing and Data analysis. 22

Conclusion, recommendations and limitations: 48

Conclusion, 48

Conclusion, 48

Recommendation. 49

6.3 Limitations. 49

  1. b) Appendix/Appendixes. 50

Introduction of the Advertising Strategies. 

It goes without saying that brand image can not be created, developed, and maintained without the effective advertising strategies. Therefore carefully designed advertising campaigns help create and strong build brand image throughout the life-cycle of a product.

Today is the age of competition Advertising is important elements in our society or market. Advertising assist to keep the consumers informed about products and service available in the market. It helps to spread awareness regarding to products and service that are of some use to consumer and potential buyers. The main aim of advertising is to sell products so companies adopt different advertising strategy to getting more and more customers.

The aim of this study is to determine the both companies consumers perception regarding to advertising strategies and its impact on buying behaviors. The first objectives of this research is to determine the consumers perception regarding to advertising strategies of both companies then compare the consumers perception each other.

What would you say is the main message of this ad?


Coca Cola Frequency Percentage Pepsi Frequency Percentage
Big discounts, cheaper 13 23.64% 6 13.33%
 Product is of high quality 23 41.82% 11 24.44%
 Just trying to sell the product 5 9.09% 21 46.67%
 Brand awareness 11 20.00% 5 11.11%
Other 3 5.45% 2 4.44%
Total 55 100.00% 45 100.00%

The above question is about the main message of the ad for Coca Cola 41.82% customers believe the ads are about high quality of Coca Cola, 23.64% thinks the ads are about big discounts and cheaper prices, 20.00% of customers feel the ads are about Brand awareness, 9.09% customers view the ads as just trying to sell the products while 5.45% of customers think the ad message is about other things.

Percentage analysis of Pepsi shows that 46.67%% customers think that their ad message is company’s effort to just sell the product, 24.44% of customers feel the ad’s message is about high quality, another 13.33% customers believe the ad message is about big discounts and cheaper price, some 11.11% customers feel the ad message is related to brand awareness, only 4.44% customers say the ad message is about other things.

Where have you come across the ads of said brand?

Coca Frequency Percentage Pepsi Frequency Percentage
TV 23 41.82% 20 44.44%
 Radio 12 21.82% 11 24.44%
Newspaper 9 16.36% 7 15.56%
 Billboard 7 12.73% 4 8.89%
All of the above 4 7.27% 3 6.67%
Total 55 100.00% 45 100.00%

For Coca Cola the responses for above question show that 41.82% customers have seen the ad on television, 21.28% have come across the ad on radio, 16.36% have seen Coca Cola ad on newspapers, 12.73% have seen the ads on billboards, and 7.27% claim to have seen the ad on all mentioned medias.

The percentage analysis for above question for Pepsi shows that 44.44% customers have seen Pepsi ads on television, 24.44% have heard the ad over the radio, 15.56 customers have come across Pepsi ads in newspapers, 8.89% of customers have seen billboard ads of Pepsi and 6.67% have seen the ads on all mentioned medias.

I understand the product being advertised.

Coca Frequency Percentage Pepsi Frequency Percentage
Strongly Disagree 6 10.91% 18 40.00%
Disagree 9 16.36% 7 15.56%
Neutral 5 9.09% 3 6.67%
Agree 24 43.64% 12 26.67%
Strongly Agree 11 20.00% 5 11.11%
Total 55 100.00% 45 100.00%

The customers were asked if they understand the advertised product for this question statement for Coca Cola 43.64% of customers picked agree option and claimed to understand the product advertised, 20.00% of customers strongly agreed and believed they understand the product advertised, 16.36% of them disagreed and did not understand the product advertised, 10.91% strongly disagreed while another 9.09% didn’t provide any feedback.

Similarly the same question statement for Pepsi gave percentages as 40.00% of customers strongly disagreed and didn’t understand the advertised product, 26.67% were agree and understood the advertised product, 15.56% of customers disagreed, 11.11% strongly agreed and understood the product being advertised, and 6.67% of Pepsi customers didn’t provide any opinion about the question statement.

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