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Respected Sir Could you please explain why women are inferior to Men?

Good Question. Dear Student, women are obviously inferior to men. There are hundreds of reasons for believing this fact and we can see them every day. First woman cannot do the work that men do. For example, few women are fireman because they cannot carry the heavy equipment such as water hoses and power saws that is needed to fight fires.  The same is true for policeman, farmers, doctors and politicians. Even in jobs held by women that are comparable to jobs to jobs held by men, women and often paid less because they are less capable and less worthy.

Second women are less intelligent than men. This is clearly seen in IQ test scores and academic achievement. Certainly the reason why there are many fewer women scientists, lawyers, doctors, academics and politicians is that man are simply more intellectually capable than women. Although it may be true that women are more caring and intuitive that,s why they are one who take care of young children. Men are obviously more rational.

Third women are more emotional than men. Because of their biological makeup, women are more likely to react to a difficult situation by becoming upset and irrational.  This is why we see women running and screaming away when a mouse or insect appears or crying when someone raises his voice on them. Men on the other hand react coolly and rationally when they have these experiences, demonstrating that they are intellectually and emotionally superior.

Finally, men are much more objective and fair minded and less opinionated then women.  Women tend to judge someone or some group of people immediately and according to their own subjective emotional reaction to them.  Men on the other hand never jump to quick conclusions, they always weigh several different point of views and consider all sides of the question carefully and rationally.  When they have made up their ind they still remain flexible and rarely if ever express their opinion strongly.

Dear student it is clear that women are inferior and men are superior. But because women are also part of the human race, we have to help then to do the best they can do under the circumstances.

Asalaam o alaikum Sir,what is the importance of Marketing Research? is its application equally important for all industry??

It is a matter of great satisfaction that you have used this platform by sending your query related to current lecture. The query posted here is about “Importance of Marketing Research and its’ Application” This topic is explained briefly in the current lecture and further elaboration of the topic you will find in different lectures.

Generally the concept of research is applicable to all kinds of fields for the purpose of gathering meaningful data to get insight/explanation of what which is unknown or for which the enrichment of awareness is needed.

In marketing, learning is not the sole purpose of research rather it is carried out to make critical, good and rational decision making. Decisions are always based on some facts and these facts can be extracted from different sources and marketing research is one the most common and comprehensive source which provides a pictures about what is occurring in the market and provides different choices that can be suitable for a particular market.

Asalaam o aliakum, Observation method, sir can we use multiple methods of observation in research while using observation?

It is pleasing to see that you are taking interest in your studies. As per your query, each method of observation has certain characteristics and they fulfill the requirements of specific situations. For example to know the traffic flow in a departmental store; personal observation can be an appropriate method but to know the response of viewers on an advertisement; mechanical observation is suitable. If we talk about the use of different observation methods in one study; we can use them but it happens in very rare situations where one method of observation does not fulfill the requirement of research being conducted. Take the example; a study is conducted in toy shops to find out the influence of kids on purchase decision of parents. Different observation methods can be used such as personal observation to observe the expressions and conversation of kids with parents and mechanical observation such as digital billing machine to know what actual product is being bought. So, in common scenarios; single method of observation is sufficient but in situations where one single method does not provide sufficient information; multiple but methods that complement each other can be used.

Sir Please define the function of Experiment Design

It is pleasing to see that you are taking interest in your studies. In experiment, researcher creates a situation to manipulate one or more independent variable and measure its effect on one or more dependent variables, while controlling the effect of extraneous variables. When a researcher conducts an experiment, it is essential to lay down set of procedures also called experimental design.

It specifies four concepts, which are as follows:

1) In experimental design selection of test units is important. Test units are those units on which experiment is conducted. Test units can be consumers, geographical areas or stores. How many of these units are to be selected along with the procedure to select them has to be explained while conducting experiment.

2) Experimental design also includes explanation of manipulation of independent variable/s and also which independent variables are to be selected for study.
3) What dependent variables are to be measured?

In order to understand point (2) and point (3); let’s take an example. Researcher wants to note down the effect of promotional activities (independent variable) on sales (dependent variable); for this lucky draw scheme is introduced in one store and in other store no such scheme is applied. Now to see the impact of independent variable on dependent variable; difference of sales of both stores will be calculated. So in designing experiment; we should know which is independent and dependent variable and how the impact of independent will be calculated on dependent variable.

4) Lastly, how the extraneous variables are to be controlled should be known. It’s essential to control extraneous or external variables so that the true impact of independent variable on dependent variable can be measured.

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