Comparison of advertising strategy of pepsi with that of coke

Comparison of advertising strategy of pepsi with that of coke

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Your project is approved. You are required to improve data analysis and conclusion in the light of instructions and prepare for presentation & viva voce.

Guidelines for presentation slides:

Make sure, you need to prepare presentation slides in the light of template for project presentation.

Your objectives, significance, methodology, data analysis, interpretation, conclusion and recommendations should be the same as approved/recommended in this project.

Include complete data analysis in presentation slides. PPTs should include question, frequency table, graph and interpretation.


My effort is dedicated to my parents and my brothers from whom I learnt the art of sacrifice & who are a continuing source of inspiration for me.


All of praises for Almighty ALLAH who bestowed potentially upon me to accomplish this report successfully. He gave me the power and devotion to make it possible to make the project.

Secondly, I am also very thankful of my beloved parents who supported me in every way of life including to present the project. They help me and save me from any hurdle of life

Then, last but not the least; I am thankful of Dr. Imran Khalid (The project management teacher the institute of cost and management accountant of Pakistan Karachi (ICMAP) for their guidance and the finance manager of lucky cement Karachi for providing the financial statements of last few years.

In the last, I am thankful of Virtual University of Pakistan to know my capabilities and assigning me the duty to compile a project report on the financial statement analysis of two companies of the same industry and for inspiring me to learn more and more and to groom me for the future tasks.

Executive Summary

Advertising is very important tools from the market mix, no one company could ignore because it is very useful for promoting product features as well as delivering relevant information to people. Without proper advertising strategy company could competitive advantage.

As many research have been done over this topic. According to various studies it has been observed that those companies could compete over the competitors, those adopt effective market strategy. Today is age of competition, every company want to generate high sales revenue and more and more customers as well, so it can only possible for adopting properly advertising method. In Pakistan Coca cola and Pepsi both are market leader, hence this study is also going to conduct over both company advertising strategy.

The reason behind this study to analyze to find out how advertisement affects the customer decision, and what the customer’s perceptions towards particular company advertisement are. In the next coming page, you will see that comparison about both companies advertising strategies how they use their ads for attract the customers towards its product.

For core result and good finding a survey has been conduct for gathering data from the customers. Questionnaires tools have been used for collecting data from the customers. For analysis and interpretation we have used frequency table with graphically presentation. In the last of this study, we have written some recommendation and suggestion for both companies for improvement. During study we were found some true facts. These are under below.

1. Coca cola used much information regarding to its products in their ads as compare to Pepsi cola

2. Majority of the consumers shared their views that Both Companies used funny ads instead of others

3. Coca cola ads much informative then Pepsi cola

4. Coca cola ads are much appealing to consumers eyes as compare to  Pepsi cola

5. Coca cola have more consumers positive reaction as compare to Pepsi Cola

6. Pepsi cola provide less entertaining ads as compare to Coca cola

7. Most of the consumers think that Pepsi cola ads were not easy to understand

8. Pepsi cola has less ads frequency as compare to Coca Cola

9. Coca cola described benefits in ads were much believable to consumers

10. Coca Cola ads are much appropriate then Pepsi cola ads

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