This project has better understanding and has information about certain condition of both companies Bank Alflah and Askari Bank.  In this project we could see both companies strength and weakness and will make some forecasting to get pure finding of both companies have take ratio analysis to reach the root of companies financial strength. My project is enable to explore both companies under below aspects

A) Solvency-
1) Long term
2) Short term
3) Immediate
B) Stability
C) Profitability
D) Operational efficiency
E) Credit standing
F) Structural analysis
G) Effective utilization of resources
H) Leverage or external financing

So my study regarding to both companies financial ratios are very useful for understanding both companies current position. Because my project help in understanding the liquidity and short-term solvency of the firm, predominantly for trade creditors and banks.  You could see in the next page that I have take analysis through both company financial ratio and then make some interruptions and comments over the both companies.  My project is also disclosing the internal structure of the both firms; it shows the relationship between sales and each income statement account. Lets go to see the project finding.

Introduction to Financial Statment analysis

Financial statements are a report of a company past financial performance and current financial position.  They are designed to provide information on four primary business activities planning, financing, investing and operating activities.  Today advanced technology increase the importance of expert financial statement analysis. Analyzing financial statements helps us sort through and evaluate information, focusing attention on reliable information most relevant to companies or business decisions.  On the other hand financial statement is broadly classified into two groups internal users, primarily the mangers of the company, are involved in the making operating and strategic decision for the business.

It is open crystal that financial statement analysis deals with the company financial position.  Its mean that establishing a meaningful relationship between various items of two financial statement with each other,  The main focus of the statement analysis to observed to companies transaction and presenting them in such a way that external user can understand the firm current position. The main them behind this topic is to Assessment of the firms, past, present and future financial condition.  The topic is related to explore

 Profit and loss account or income statement
 Balance sheet or Position statement
 Cash flow statement
 Statement of retained earnings

We will go widely to say company companies and I will make clear who both companies are performing. By managing flow of funds.

Background of the project:

According to my topic, my project major theme to analyze the both companies past, present, and future performance.  In this project I will try to company Ratio analysis, I hope it will provide relative measure of the said firm’s position.  On the other hand my study aims to spell out the Horizontal analysis and vertical analysis of the firms. Because Horizontal analysis is lead to valuate the company accounts over the year, and the vertical analysis is also concern to company financial statement.  My research wills analysis the existing relation between sales and income statement of both. I will spell out the in this study that financial statement and objects of analysis.  Financial statement reporting of financing and investing activities occurs at the point in time. I will make clear after research of both companies the four primary finance pillars .e.g financial statement e.g. balance sheet, income statement, the statement of shareholder (owners) equity and statement of cash flows.   This project will give you the major portion for study whose Timing of cash flows and analysis, Risk of cash flows Market condition of both companies e.g  stock Price, Ration analysis,