AIOU B.ED Thesis on subject Knowledge of B.ED Graduate

This study was designed to check the topic data of B.Ed graduates of formal and non-formal teacher education AIOU B.Ed Thesis latestsystems. The population of the study enclosed all academics from women High and Higher Secondary colleges each from non-public and public sectors from the district of metropolis. Out of the entire population, twenty
schools were every {which way} chosen from which sixty academics from formal and sixty from non-formal system (6 academics from every school) were randomly chosen. A take a look at was ready and in person distributed among one hundred twenty academics. the info were organized and analyzed through descriptive analysis. It was found that B.Ed. graduates from formal system had more subject knowledge as compared to B.Ed. graduates from non-formal teacher education system. It is recommended that the graduates as well as the teacher educators need to update their knowledge and work for continuous professional development.

Introduction to B.ED

Education may be a progressive and organic process of all human schools because it plays a very important role in enhancing human capabilities to guide a victorious life. As all groups of people are naturally choosing a happy and victorious life, they’re needed to have enough quantity of information, skills and attributes to guide a purposeful life by overcoming the issues. Thus, associate education system should equip students to become attentive to adulthood
responsibilities and issues and learn to modify them. The recent trends in education think about life itself as a method of education, that is, from female internal reproductive organ to spot one goes through the method of education (Pathak, 2012). Among the numerous varieties of education, the primary is formal education wherever face to face interaction of lecturers and students takes place among the framework of a hard and fast program and in
a proper institute. The second is informal education that denotes a lifelong method of education during which a private learns attitudes, values, skills and information from his surroundings (Panday, 2003). In the third kind of education, the teacher and therefore the learner don’t seem to be in direct contact with one another.

Teaching the academics is in itself knowledgeable procedure, because these academics serve the society as directors, trainers and supervisors; therefore educating teachers’ needs a collection of sensible activities. it’s the academics World Health Organization fulfill completely different roles like researchers, innovators, or planners (Verma, 2006). B.Ed could be a one year course done once the completion of fourteen years of education. There are
many subjects enclosed during this program, like purposeful English, curriculum and instruction, leadership and management, philosophy of education, teaching of English, academic scientific discipline, teaching of science, laptop education and steerage and message. Curriculum could be a set of experiences and activities designed for the
overall development of learners (Rehman, 2011); thus, the teachers ought to be instructed to boost the training opportunities for the learners within the lecture rooms.

B.ED Thesis at Allama Iqbal Open University

The Allama Iqbal Open University has started a comprehensive non-formal program for teacher education. This
program will help to train a large number of teachers at all levels. Emphasis will be given to the qualitative improvement rather than quantitative expansion of teacher training institutions (Government of Pakistan, 1973). This study tried to compare subject knowledge of B.Ed graduates of formal and non-formal system of teacher
education. Various researches have been conducted to explain the effectiveness and deficiencies of formal and non-formal teacher education as well as the performance and knowledge of their graduates.



AIOU B.ED Thesis format 



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