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AIOU B.ED Thesis/Research Project Questions Solution

AIOU B.ED Thesis writer students are facing issue for writing their AIOU B.ED Research Project Questions solution. Here is some sample for their help

aiou b.ed thesis
aiou b.ed thesis questions solution

Name of the School (where the action research was conducted): Overall background of the participants of the project; area / school: (socio-economic status, occupation / profession – earning trends of majority of the parents, literacy rate, academic quality, and any other special trait of the community where the school is situated) (10marks).

Here the students are requrie to mentioned the name of school and include the backround of the selected topic, name of schools, where you are going to conduct a research related to your topic. It must be related to your topic and may include latest literature (educational background of Pakistan) then mentioned all the detail variables wise.

Why did you select this specific sub-theme and topic? Relate it to your experience /problem in your classroom / institution. (10 marks)

Students are require to mentioned the main problems that has been observed through expereince or after dicussion with the teachers. Students are require to mention the rational of the study, why are you going to conduct this research, why research is needed. Therefore a detail reivew is necessary to mention particialuly in your area of selected school.

What was your discussion with your colleague / friend / senior teacher or supervisor regarding the problem? ((Provide your discussion with your colleague or supervisor for better understandingof the problem and alternate solutions) 

Students are require to give detail about the problem after discussing with the teachers to understand the problem and its solution. Please keep in mind, it must be relevant to your study topic and problem. Give logicaly comments/remarks which have been obtained from the teachers and colleague as what they think all about and how you will resolve this issue.

What did you find about the problem in the existing literature (books / articles /websites)? (10 marks) (Explore books and online resources to know what and how has been already doneregarding this problem)

B.ed Students are require to establish strong literature as per your available and find out the problem in literature, on which, you are going to conduct a research. You can consult various research papars related to your study and mentioned the literature with propoer reference in this section. Keep in mind, your literature must be related to your topic and problem.

What were the major variables / construct of your project? Give definitions /description from literature. (05 marks) (What are the key terms in your topic or study? what do you mean of these terms? What particular meaning you will attach to the term when used in this project?)

Here the students are require to give operational definiation of your variables. For example, if you topic is the impact of teachers training on students performance, so in that case, you have two variables Teacher training (Independent variable) and students performance (dependent variable), thus you are require to give definaiton of teacher training and students performance with propoer reference.

What did you want to achieve in this research project? (05 marks) (Objective / purpose of the study; what was the critical question that was tried to be answered in this project).

Here, the b.ed students are require to give 2,3 objectives of your research project or thesis. Keep in mind, you will have achieve all the mentioned objectives at the end of the research. For example, my topic is the impact of teachers training on students performance, then my objecitves may include, To study the teachers training at secondary schools level in Lahore and second objectives may include, to study the students performance at secondary level schools in Lahore. Similarly, you will mention all the objectives as per your topic.

Who were the participants in your project? (05 marks)

Here the Students are require to mention the respondents of the research, as you will have to collect the data from the teachers or students and what will be the your target (it must be base on your research topic).

For complete guidlines, students are require to mention their topic in comments bar, so that we can reply.

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