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B.Ed Thesis as per new format (2019) Programme – Allama Iqbal Open University

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AIOU B.Ed Thesis as per New Manual Format (2019)

Pre-service teacher education in West Pakistan has been criticized for being heavily content-ridden on the price of ignoring sensible facet. No doubt, theoretical data ought to be joined with room practices to form the teacher teaching programs more practical. the upper Education Commission West Pakistan urged some radical changes within the teacher teaching programs. In wake of the transformation, Allama Iqbal Open University is attempting to equip its student-teachers with skills supported sensible works underneath the supervisions of older and extremely qualified lecturers. research is one in every of such offerings to the scholars which is able to give them some basic skills for being a good room teacher. it’s designed to produce them with important approach, scientific angle and reflective thinking. within the previous semesters, the scholars were offered ‘Research ways in Education’, ‘Critical Thinking and Reflective Practices’ and ‘Teaching Practice-I’. The experiences from these courses can facilitate the scholars to create their narrative and complete this research.

How to Select AIOU B.ed Thesis as topic as per new Manual format (Action Research)

Impact of Activity based learning/Teaching on

  • Students listening Skills
  • Students Writing Skills
  • Students Reading Skills
  • Students Mathematical Skills
  • Students Analytical Skills

Impact of Class room Managment on

  • Students listening Skills
  • Students Writing Skills
  • Students Reading Skills
  • Students Mathematical Skills
  • Students Analytical Skills

Impact of Multimedia, Lesson Planning,  to enhance 

  • Students listening Skills
  • Students Writing Skills
  • Students Reading Skills
  • Students Mathematical Skills
  • Students Analytical Skills

Impact of School Environment, Social media, Teacher Behavior,Parental involvement, to enahance the

  • Students listening Skills
  • Students Writing Skills
  • Students Reading Skills
  • Students Mathematical Skills
  • Students Analytical Skills

Method for doing Action Research for AIOU B.ED Thesis as per new manual

  1. Identify an educational problem within the classroom / institution
  2. Review the literature related to the identified problem
  3. Execute an intervention to achieve the objectives
  4. Collect data about the problem with the help of a research instrument
  5. Analyze the data
  6. Draw conclusions based on the analysis of the collected data
  7. Use APA manual in writing and formatting a research report

There may also be problems in writing abstract, introduction, literature review, research methodology, discussions or any other thing about the B.ED Project of new format is similar writing the thesis. Only method has been changed for submission.

Writing B.ED Research Project Report

  • Write you report concise and brief. You are supposed to write your report on the given space as it is not permitted to attach extra sheets by your own.
  • The report must be written in English language ONLY. A report written in any language other than English will be awarded zero marks
  • Do not copy your report from some other student. If two or more reports are found to be similar, all such reports will be awarded zero marks.
  • If you are already a practicing teacher, use your classroom to conduct this action research. And if you are not a teacher, you can conduct your research during Teaching Practice-II (CC-8608).


You are required to write your response on the given blank space ONLY in the manual issued by the department. Write brief and concise; keep in view the space specified for a particular portion. Don’t use extra sheets. Only handwritten responses will be accepted. Don’t write in any language other than English.

B.ED Thesis as per new format is similar with the Previous Thesis format

Name of the School

Overall background of the participants of the project; area / school: (socio-economic status, occupation / profession – earning trends of majority of the parents, literacy rate, academic quality, and any other special trait of the community where the school is situated).

Why did you select this specific sub-theme and topic? Relate it to your experience / problem in your classroom / institution

Here students are require to give background of the study, and rational of the research (why research is needed).

What was your discussion with your colleague / friend / senior teacher or supervisor regarding the problem?

Provide your discussion with your colleague or supervisor for better understanding of the problem and alternate solutions.

What did you find about the problem in the existing literature (books / articles / websites)?

Explore books and online resources to know what and how has been already done regarding this problem

What were the major variables / construct of your project? Give definitions / description from literature

What are the key terms in your topic or study? what do you mean of these terms? What particular meaning you will attach to the term when used in this project.

What did you want to achieve in this research project?

Objective / purpose of the study; what was the critical question that was tried to be answered in this project.

Who were the participants in your project?

Give details of the individuals or groups who were focused in this project e.g. the early-grade students whose handwriting in Urdu was not good or the students of class VIII who did not have good communication skills.

How did you try to solve the problem?

Narrate the process step-wise. Procedure of intervention and data collection.

What kind of instrument was used to collect the data? How was the instrument developed?

For example: observation, rating scale, interview, student work, portfolio, test, etc.)

What were the findings and conclusion?

Here, Students are require to give detail of the analysis findings and conclusion of your instruments analysis.

Summary of the Project

What and how was the research conducted – main objective, process and findings

How do you feel about this practice? What have you learnt? (self-reflection)

What has it added to your professional skills as a teacher?

List the works you cited in your project (follow the APA manual – 6th Edition).

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B.ED Thesis Synopsis Outcomes.

  • Identify an educational problem within classroom/school
  • Develop a research proposal for a research problem
  • Implement a research study plan according to the research proposal
  • Collect data about an educational problem using a research instrument
  • Analyze the data using statistical techniques
  • Use APA style for citing and referencing research work Write a project report.

The research thesis synopsis is an activity-based course. In this course, trainee teachers and supervisors are involved in following activities:-

  • One-to-one meetings between trainee teacher and supervisor about defining the research problem, finalizing research methodology and research proposal.
  • Presentation of the progress report of the research thesis synopsis by trainee teachers to supervisor after everyone two weeks.
  • Discussion between trainee teacher and supervisor about collection and analysis of data.
  • On-going discussion and feedback between trainee teacher and supervisor about report writing of research project.

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