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B.Ed Thesis and Synopsis Programme – Allama Iqbal Open University

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AIOU B.ED Thesis Price

Price of AIOU B.ED Thesis Writing

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AIOU B.Ed Thesis and Synopsis Writing

B.ED Thesis writing is the main component of acquiring a degree. Even Allama Iqbal Open University also declared the B.ED thesis as a compulsory part to complete the B.ed (1.5 and 2.5 years). Sometimes, it happens to be difficult for the students to finish it in the appropriate format.

Some candidates find it a hurdle between them and their degree. On the other hand, mostly candidates consider B.ed thesis as an easy task but it is not going to be so easy because it carry the same importance as a MS level thesis. During writing a thesis, B.ED students have to go through the following difficulties:

  1. Topic Selection
  2. Proposal Writing
  3. Data Analysis and interpretations
  4. Generating a Questionnaire

There may also be problems in writing abstract, introduction, literature review, research methodology, discussions or any other thing about the B.ED thesis. You are at the place where we provide you with the best services of thesis writing and meet all of your requirements.

We offer Allama Iqbal Open University’s B.Ed thesis help & Writing services.

  • B.Ed (1-1/2 years)
  • B.Ed (2-1/2 Years)
  • B.Ed Elementary Teacher Education (4 Years)
  • B.Ed Secondary Teacher Education (4 Years)
AIOU B.ED Thesis Price

Price of AIOU B.ED Thesis Writing

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If you do not want us to make your complete B.ED thesis, then also there is no problem, ask for help in only those parts for which you need. Like, if you find difficulty in topic selection or in methodology or you have completed your entire thesis but you want someone to attentively read it for you. Any kind of help you need regarding your thesis just approach us we will guide you through it.

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The research paper of B.Ed is equal to the research paper of M.Phil, same page length, below 19% plagiarism, with introduction, literature.review, methodology, analysis, and references. It includes questionnaire, scale as well. Therefore Students of B.Ed must acknowledge the fact that, its not B.Ed ease assignment/thesis anymore, so update your information please.

AIOU B.Ed thesis must be according to HEC criteria. You are not allowed to plagiarism in any case and If you have a choice, don’t copy paste the research paper from internet. In Pakistan, you don’t know when check & balance starts.

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AIOU B.ED Thesis Price

Price of AIOU B.ED Thesis Writing

Allama iqbal open university has high standards for B.Ed students

The Open University has introduced an extensive variety of undergraduate, graduate, Master’s, M.Phil. and Doctoral programs and B.ED Thesis and Synopsis to students. The University also suggestions basic purposeful courses for illiterates and semi-literates. These programs have given dissimilarity to the University in relation to other educational institutions of Pakistan as it caters to the needs of all age groups and levels of education. A summary of the Standing Programs are as follows:

B.ED Thesis on the Following Course: 

  • B.Ed (1-1/2-Years)
  • B.Ed (2-1/2-Years)
  • B.Ed Elementary Teacher Education (4-Years)
  • B.Ed Secondary Teacher Education (4-Years)

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B.ED Thesis Synopsis Guidelines

AIOU B.ED Thesis Price

Price of AIOU B.ED Thesis Writing

The B.ED research project/thesis is a practical course in which the trainee teachers will be involved in the action research process. The research project will be the individual work of the student. The course will enable them to plan, observe, act and reflect during action research process. A trainee teacher conducting research project will be supervised by a supervisor. The research will be conducted by each trainee teacher individually.

The trainee teacher will select a problem of his/her own interest related to an area of education, for example “effectiveness of use of AV aids within classroom on the academic achievement of secondary school students in Pakistan Studies”, “problems faced by students in understanding English Literature at Matric level”, “Effectiveness of discussion method for developing social skills of seventh class students” and “a study to assess the effect of exam anxiety on academic achievement of eighth class students”.

The trainee teacher will select appropriate research design and research instrument to carry out the research for the identified problem under the supervision of the tutor. The minimum time period for completing the research project is 06 months. The trainee teacher will write research report after the successful completion of research project. The research report will be assessed on the basis of criteria defined in assessment section of this manual.

aiou b.ed thesis and plagiarism

aiou b.ed thesis and plagiarism check

AIOU B.ED THESIS WITH Plagiarism Report

Get your thesis with Plagiarism report in Pdf format, because we care your time, We will prepare your thesis with very reasonable price and on any topic with deadlines and schedule. We writers are very experts for writing thesis on any topics. Therefore B.ed students. contact me if you want to write you b.ed thesis in very cheap price and plagiarism free work. We no compromise in quality and effectiveness of work. money back guarantee of approval and delivery in just 10-15 days.

B.ED Thesis Synopsis Outcomes.

  • Identify an educational problem within classroom/school
  • Develop a research proposal for a research problem
  • Implement a research study plan according to the research proposal
  • Collect data about an educational problem using a research instrument
  • Analyze the data using statistical techniques
  • Use APA style for citing and referencing research work Write a project report.

The research thesis synopsis is an activity-based course. In this course, trainee teachers and supervisors are involved in following activities:-

  • One-to-one meetings between trainee teacher and supervisor about defining the research problem, finalizing research methodology and research proposal.
  • Presentation of the progress report of the research thesis synopsis by trainee teachers to supervisor after everyone two weeks.
  • Discussion between trainee teacher and supervisor about collection and analysis of data.
  • On-going discussion and feedback between trainee teacher and supervisor about report writing of research project.

B.ED AIOU Thesis Writing Services (100 % Approval Guarantee)

  1. We will select your AIOU B.Ed Thesis Topics
  2. We will prepare your project proposal on the selected topic
  3. We will prepare your final project as per given format by AIOU
  4. We will guide you about viva and presentation.
  5. All analysis will be carried out on SPSS.

Thesis for B.ed aiou 1.5 year

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AIOU B.ED Thesis Topics

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AIOU B.ED Thesis Price

Price of AIOU B.ED Thesis Writing


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