Impact of Parents Teacher Meeting on the Students Academic Performance at Secondary School


Policy makers, school teachers, and educational experts have often advocated encouraging parents to become more involved in their children’s academic lives. Increasing parental involvement is a focal point of both President George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act and President Obama’s Race to the Top initiative. Recognizing that parents’ decisions play a major role in their children’s schooling, these programs promote parental engagement as a remedy for the United States’ persistent socioeconomic and racial achievement gaps.2 The educational reality in developing countries is fundamentally different, as many children are first-generation students whose parents might not be able to follow what happens at school (Banerjee &Duflo, 2006). Schooling has long-term benefits for children but short-term costs for parents. Low-income households in developing countries often keep their children out of school to make an immediate contribution to household earnings or do household work. Many of these parents are not motivated enough to send their children to school or encourage them to study.

This paper uses a randomized field experiment to examine whether increasing parental engagement through parent–teacher face-to-face meetings and interactions in schools could increase the educational achievements of students in disadvantaged, rural communities. We focus on children in remote rural communities in a developing country whose socioeconomic status puts them at an educational disadvantage compared to children in urban and town settings. The parents of these children are on low incomes, are under-represented in society, and tend to be less involved in their children’s educations.


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Chapter                              Title                                                                                           Page#

    • Statement of the problem                                                                                         02
    • Objectives of the study                                                                                              02
    • Research question of the study                                                                               03
    • Research methodology                                                                                             03
    • Tool of research                                                                                                          04
    • Data Analysis                                                                                                              05
    • Delimitation of research                                                                                         05
    • Background information                                                                                          06
    • Leadership and parent involvement                                                                       07
    • Effects on Test Scores                                                                                                27
    • How parents can help                                                                                                30
    • Challenges to Parent Involvement                                                                          32
    • What Schools Can Do To Involve Parents                                                             33
    • Parent-Teacher Relationships                                                                                 33
    • Summary                                                                                                                      34
    • Research Design                                                                                                          35
    • Population                                                                                                                    35
    • Sampling                                                                                                                       35
    • Tool of Research                                                                                                          36
    • Data Analysis                                                                                                                37
    • Delimitation of research                                                                                             37
  • Data analysis and interpretation
    • Analysis and interpretation of data                                                                        38
  • Conclusions
    • Summary                                                                                                                      58
    • Findings                                                                                                                        60
    • Recommendations                                                                                                     62
    • Suggestions for further research                                                                             62
  1. References                                                                                                                    64

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