AIOU B.ED Thesis Format for Guideline

Download AIOU B.ED Thesis/Synopsis Format for Guidelines. 

Research project and AIOU Thesis format is a practical course in which the trainee teachers will be involved in the action research process. The research project will be the individual work of the student. The course will enable them to plan, observe, act and reflect during action research process. A trainee teacher conducting research project will be supervised by a supervisor. The research will be conducted by each trainee teacher individually. The trainee teacher will select a problem of his/her own interest related to an area of education, for example “effectiveness of use of AV aids within classroom on the academic achievement of secondary school students in Pakistan Studies”, “problems faced by students in understanding English Literature at Matric level”, “Effectiveness of discussion method for developing social skills of seventh class students” and “a study to assess the effect of exam anxiety on academic achievement of eighth class students”. The trainee teacher will select appropriate research design and research instrument to carry out the research for identified problem under the supervision of tutor.

AIOU B.ed Thesis Format Will cover

  1. Identify an educational problem within classroom/school
  2. Develop a research proposal for a research problem
  3. Implement a research study plan according to the research proposal
  4. Collect data about an educational problem using a research instrument
  5. Analyze the data using statistical techniques
  6. Use APA style for citing and referencing research work
  7. Write a project report.

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AIOU B.ED Thesis format




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