Today’s date the 18th of April holds special significance for our CEO Mr.Aamir Iqbal Anjum and his beloved organization What makes 18th of April so special is because it is Mr. Aamir Iqbal Anjum’s birthday and we are also Celebrating’s 2nd Anniversary.

It was 2 years ago on this vary day that after a lot of hard work, hindrances and determination was launched. Since its day of conception till its peak of success today has served hundreds and thousands of students complete their degrees from various Universities and has helped launch careers of successful men and women all over the country. It was only due to our team efforts and steadfastness of our CEO Mr. Aamir Iqbal Anjum which has brought to be on the pinnacle of success.

On the Joyous occasion of Mr.Aamir Iqbal Anjum’s Birthday is pleased to announce that all VU Project Proposals will be available to students free of charge from April 18th to April 21st.  Avail this golden opportunity today before the special free project proposal package date expires.

The whole team of Wishes Mr.Aamir Iqbal Anjum a very  Happy Birthday and a long and successful life ahead many many happy returns for the day.