VU Project for MBA Common Questions

VU Project for MBA Common Questions Asked by Students

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What is the Evaluation Criterion of the Project for MBA?

Evaluation of the course VU Project for MBA, is based upon pass/fail criteria. Marks have NOT been allocated to any submission or activity and no grade point of this course will be added to the CGPA. However, as it is a compulsory course, therefore, it is necessary to pass out this course to fulfill the requirements of the degree program.

What are the criteria for passing the presentation & viva voce?

The evaluation of presentation & viva voce will be based upon the following: – Defense of the written work – Power Point Slides (Contents, formatting etc.) – Presentation and communication skills A student will be declared as “Pass” if he/she will perform up to the mark in all above prescribed areas.

What is the mode of presentation & viva voce for overseas students?

The presentation & viva voce of overseas students will be arranged via Web Cam Conferencing.

Can I submit VU Project for MBA which have already been submitted by me or anyone else in the same course?

You cannot submit the same Project/Dissertation which has already been submitted by anyone else in the same course. Such project/ dissertation will be rejected without any consideration and your result will be declared as ‘Fail’. However, you can submit the same VU Project for MBA which you had submitted in the previous semester, if your Instructor allows you to do so.

Will any sample project/dissertation be provided by the Supervisor?

No. Sample for VU Project for MBA will not be provided to the students. You will be required to follow the formats uploaded on VULMS to write your project/dissertation.

Can I submit a dissertation if my proposal is approved for a project and vice versa?

No. You are strictly prohibited to work on a dissertation on the topic/proposal that is approved for a project and vice versa.

What will be the format of the final VU Project for MBA?

The format of final project as well as dissertation is uploaded on VULMS along with other helping material

Can you specify the length of the final project/ dissertation?

The final project/dissertation has NO FIXED word limit. The number of words/pages required for project/dissertation solely depends on the topic and objectives. You are advised to write as much as sufficiently justifies and validates the project/dissertation (topic, objectives etc.). However, a quality project/dissertation document may comprise of at least 8,000 to 10,000 words.

What is the difference between an abstract and an introduction?

An abstract comprises of and serves for the following: Introduces the topic , States the aim and rationale of the study, Briefly describes main findings and Gives implications of the findings whereas an covers the following: Introduces the topic, Briefly reviews the current state of knowledge in the area, Indicates gaps/shortcomings/problems in current research, States aim of your research and how it will fill the gap and gives an outline of the forthcoming chapters of the project/dissertation.

What should be the sequence of jotting down the results/findings of a dissertation?

Firstly, a logical sequence should be followed. It means the results that answer the first research question should precede the others and so on. Secondly, in quantitative research, the descriptive statistics should preferably be presented first, before the results of each of the hypotheses or research questions.

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