Project Report on role of advertisement in Brand Image

MKT619 Project Report on role of advertisement in Brand Image of role of mcdonald’s

1.1 Introduction.

It goes without saying that brand image can not be created, developed, and maintained without the significant role of advertising. Carefully designed advertising campaigns help create and build brand image throughout the life-cycle of a product.

This project will explore the importance of advertising in brand image of McDonald. It will emphasize the role of advertising in the making of brand name McDonald. The role it plays in the creation of a brand, the role it performs in the development of a brand and the contribution advertising makes in maintaining the brand image. More importantly, how consumers interpreted advertisements of McDonald to form the image in their minds about McDonald and its products.

The results of this project will have wide-range implications for every brand manager and every company planning their advertising campaigns. This study will further reinforce the widely held belief of brand managers in the power of advertising.

1.2 Background.

Brand image or positioning has been studied for years. Marketers always want to know how to create a favorable image in the minds of consumers. There are various tools at their disposal in achieving their goals. McDonald is not behind others and has strives hard to build its image through various types of advertisements.

Is advertising a powerful tool in communicating brand image? To build a brand, a company has to offer an added level of meaning and feeling (Mitchell, 2003).  Advertising is time and again considered the primary tool for communicating information to the public, as advertising is understood to be a means to create and sell brands by adding value to products (De Mooij, 1998). Thus advertising is used in order to stimulate a response from the target audience. The response maybe perceptual in nature, for example, the consumer develops specific views or opinions about the product or brand that are altered by the ad (Kotler et al, 2005).

Role of advertisement in Brand Image

As goes the title of the research, it is all about advertisement in building brand image of McDonald. Therefore, various aspects of brand and brand image will be explored. How brand image is created and nurtured. What goes through the minds of consumers when they come across various types of ads.

2.1 What is McDonald Brand?

Various definitions of brand will be discussed. Some famous brands will be briefly discussed with the inclusion of McDonald brand and its history.


2.2 Brand Image of McDonald

What is brand image, how it is created and nurtured. Some aspects of brand image will be discussed. Brand image of McDonald will be discussed in the light of some campaigns and brief comparison with rival brands will be made.

2.3 Factors Behind Successful brand Image

Important factors that play a role in the success of brand image will be discussed and what role these factors have played in building the brand image of McDonald.

 2.4 Advertising and its Types

Different definitions of advertising and advertising history will be discussed. Also, some important types of advertising will be briefly presented.

Advertising will be seen from different perspectives. Its ability to would brand image, alter previous image or reinforce existing image.

Some Famous advertisements of McDonald will be looked into to discover the motives behind them.

2.5 Consumer Psychology and Behavior

For effective advertising, it is of paramount importance that one knows consumers psychology and behavior. What goes through their mind before a purchase decision is made has been an important topic for marketers and brand managers. Those elements which are directly related to advertising will be highlighted.

Some light will be shed on consumer psychology and behavior with regards to our chosen brand of McDonald.


2.6 McDonald Brand Image through Advertising

This is the heart of the project. The relationship between advertising and brand image will be explored. How advertising can help in building brand image.

Attempts by McDonald to build a positive and favorable brand image through advertisements will be brought to light.


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