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Dedication of Project Report on Profitability ratio analysis

I would like to dedicate my project to my family i.e., my parents, wife and children. My family, in particular my wife has given me tremendous support and encouragements to complete my MBA degree as well as project report on profitability ratio analysis. It was not easy being abroad and while working in a dynamic multinational organization but my wife has made it possible with her extended efforts in taking care of children studies and related matters. She took over all the responsibilities including my part, towards children and kept me spared, only for study during this whole period.

Acknowledgement for Project Report on Profitability ratio analysis

I am grateful to Almighty Allah who has given me the ability and wisdom to realize the importance of knowledge and continuous learning. With the blessings of Almighty Allah, I have enjoyed a continuous growth in my career and personal life.

 After that I am thankful to my company (Schlumberger) who being a multinational organization developed a culture of encouragements and facilitation to its employees for personal development and further studies. I am appreciative to my managers (Scott Bittner and Ziad Abounohra), who have always been supportive, especially for consistently & willingly approving my leaves for studies & project report on profitability ratio anlaysis.

 I am also thankful to Virtual University of Pakistan for eradicating traditional blockades & boundaries for Pakistani knowledge seekers. Within all limitations and odds, VU is one of the best institutions of Pakistan and doing enormous contribution to the nation building/development in an exceptional way. I am proud to be a cyberian. So the project report on profitability ratio analysis hence has prepared through help of mentioned people.

 Executive Summary

 Profitability ratio used to access a firms ability to generate profit as compared to its expensive and other relevant costs incurred during a specific period time. Hence for most of these ratios, having a higher value relative to competitor’s ratio or the same ratio from a previous period is indicative that a company is doing well.

 The study of profitability ratio  has been conducted over the topic of analysis of Project report on Profitability ratio analysis at Lucky Cement, Kohat Cement, and Pioneer cement. The main sources for data collection were three company website. Already published data like balance sheets and others financial documents of most recent three years (2008, 2009, 2010) have been used to dig out the result.  This study will helped people to get deeper understanding of process of Profitability ratio analysis and readers will able to understand how financial decision have been taken to strength the financial position. Hence for this study comparative income statement, balance sheets have been taken for mentioned ratio analysis. The main theme behind this study was to supplement knowledge to with absolute practical exposure to day to day functions of the sector.

 In next coming few pages, readers will be able to study the Profitability ratio analysis of mentioned three companies, data have been presented in tabulation form and in graphically presentation that will enhance the readers understanding which ratios are increasing and decreasing in the particular years. Hence the Project Report on Profitability ratio analysis of selected companies is presenting true picture of the organization.

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