Project on Comparison of brand loyalty of KFC And McDonald

Comparison of brand loyalty of KFC And McDonald

Executive Summary

We know that Consumer is considered as a brand loyal whenever a consumer perceives that a brand is offering him the right product features and the desired level of quality, and hence repeatedly makes a conscious or subconscious repurchase of that particular brand. The term loyalty is related to a sense of devoted attachment and affection. The term ‘brand loyalty’ captures this terribly essence however from a billboard perspective. Companies are invariably making an attempt to form niche within the market by constructing their own base of loyal customers, who over the amount of your time have accepted the merchandise whole heatedly  These brand loyalists would spend their money devotedly to acquire the particular product and would also carry a feeling of immense satisfaction on the purchase.

Through this study allow me to see how both companies mentioned their products and services and how these are attach with the customers and acquire them happy to the extent of creating them complete loyal. How we will establish and acquire our high – valued customers and make a good strategy to manage their responses and experiences such that it helps us to retain them and build them into loyal customers. The study was conducted over both big brand KFC and McDonald. Both are the market leaders, in this study I have analyzed the loyalty of the customers towards these brand.

Primary data was used to calculate the loyalty of the customers of both companies. Questionnaires were distributed among the customers who are currently available in the restaurant and were eating foods. After gaining data from the customers it was proceed and analyzed on excel sheet and data was presented in this report to understand which company have more loyal customers. After reviewing and doing analysis and interpretation it has found the McDonald have more loyal customers then KFC.

Background Of study

The study is going to investigate the brand loyalty of the mentioned companies. The primary aim is to compare the brand loyalty between KFC and McDonald in Pakistan. In this study we will try to find out what factors becomes reason to purchase the particular brands. Data will be collect from the both companies’ customers by using questionnaires as tools. Structured questionnaires will be distributed among the customers who will be available at the restaurant.

To measure the brand loyalty however we can say that brand is the result of a mental processing of the brands features by the customers. Hence brand loyalty may be seen mostly as property of the brand. Various researches have been conducted over this topic to know the facts of customer’s loyalty.  On the other hand, if individual oriented measures are used, the loyalty of specific customers is estimated, and it is of less importance to what specific brand that individual is loyal.


We may further distinguish individual oriented measured which quantify brand loyalty within a specific product category and individual oriented measures which treat brand loyalty as general characteristic of the consumers.  This information is useful to segment the consumer’s population, or to study the influence of certain consumer’s characteristics such as risk avoidance, informativeness, or shopping-proneness on brand loyalty.

Whole Project Summary

The main purpose of this research was to know the loyalty of the consumers towards KFC and McDonald. Therefore to know the loyalty of the customers, research data was collected from the customers who were visited the restaurants and were eating foods. According to study sample size, self administrative questionnaires were distributed among customers who were male and female. After giving short instruction to respondents they have been asked to fill up the given questionnaires and return back to me.

After collecting data from the Market wrong questions, seriousness response have been removed from the data for quality purpose. After then it has proceed on the excel sheet for data entry and data analysis. Data was presented in front of you in tabulation form with necessary graph. With the help of these analyses, I have calculated the response of the subjects against each question and calculated percentage to understand on average how many customers or agree or disagree to our question. The outcomes of these analyses are the study has measured the loyalty of the respondents towards particular brand.

Project Availability 

Yes the marketing project on Comparison of brand loyalty between KFC and McDonald is available. The project consist on 70 pages with complete data analysis. These are paid documents and not available for free of cost. We will show you whole project via online before our deal. So only interested and serious students may contact us any time.

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