Comparison of Product strategies of Haleeb Milk with that of Milk Pack

Comparison of Product strategies of Haleeb Milk with that of Milk Pack

Executive Summary

Product strategy is very important component from the overall marketing Strategies. It is directly affect the consumer’s perception towards a particular company. Company only organizes due to its products and services. Good product is that the solely method, where company gets the market advantage over its competitors. Higher product, higher service creates the higher image within the eyes of the purchasers. Product strategy is one among the core elements of the promoting ways. it’s the guts of the firm’s overall ways.

To survive and succeeded in an exceedingly competitive market a firm should continuously target its  customers and satisfy the purchaser by creating changes in its product in line with the changes within the need. A product strategy may be a method that enables a corporation to concentrate its restricted resources on the best opportunities to extend sale and achieve a sustainable competitive edge.

This study has also conducted over two brand Haleeb Milk and Milk pack. Most of the people are using Haleeb Milk and Milk pack as well. The reason for conducting this study is to find out the facts which company has effective and better product strategy and for these customers feedback has been taken in this regards. A survey has been conducted under the mentioned boundary to know what customers think about both brand product strategy. So in this research the primary sources were the consumers of these brands and data has been collected through using non probability sampling technique.

To measure and analyze the data, the research have used various percentage analysis to achieved the study objectives. Data analysis portion is giving clear result about both brand finding. However if we can see the overall analysis, it can easily seen that Haleeb Milk has effective products strategy to satisfied their customers as compare to Milk pack. The results of different question are presented in the Data analysis portion.

Background Of study

The study is going to conduct over the topic comparison of product strategy of two brand named Haleeb Milk and Milk Pack.  For this study, primary source will be used and it will be collect from the both brand users. Product strategy is not easy step, making a product according to customers desired, then deliver them according to their interest place is big challenge for both companies. A product strategy could encompass any number of products, depending on the nature of business.

In short words we can say that a product strategy gives company an idea of how you should price your service, will you undercut the competitor or charge more because you’re worth it? Haleeb foods building an excellent reputation over the years, apart from its extensive nationwide distribution networks, Haleeb foods is also serving several export markets and Nestle Pakistan too. Haleeb milk and Nestle milk pack better and quite satisfactory among all other brand, the preference of both brand is better then the other brands.

Data will be collect from the both company’s customers who are using Haleeb Milk and Nestle Milk Pack through distributed them structured questionnaires.  A non-probability sampling technique will be used to collection of data from the customers. Only primary data will be used to achieve the study objectives.

Product strategies marketing plan Haleeb and Milk Pack 

The main aim of this research was to know the product strategy of Haleeb milk and Milk pack and to know what the customer’s perceptions are regarding to both brands. For the sake of achieving mentioned objectives study has got data from customers who are using both brands and you have seen in data analysis portion I have presented you a comparative analysis of customer’s feedback. The entire table is presenting each question response of the participants. Through these analyses the study has found some true finding regarding to both brand.

Project Availability 

Yes the marketing project on Comparison of Product strategies of Haleeb Milk with that of Milk Pack is available. The project consist on 70 pages with complete data analysis. These are paid documents and not available for free of cost. We will show you whole project via online before our deal. So only interested and serious students may contact us any time.



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