MKT619 List of Topics for MBA Final Project



  1. Comparison of product strategies

  2. Comparison of advertising strategies

  3. Comparison of brand loyalty

  4. Comparison of CRM strategies

  5. Comparison of personality branding

  6. Does personalities of celebrities match with the brands advertised

  7. Factors behind effectiveness of advertising

  8. Factors behind effectiveness of branding

  9. Dimensions of brand personality

  10. Brand as a source of competitive edge (Comparison of two brands)

  11. Brand development process (Comparison of two brands)

  12. Role of advertisement in brand image (Comparison of two brands)



  • The students are required to choose a topic from the list given above.
  • The selected brands are required to be mentioned in the topic.


  • More than one student can select the same topic from the given list; however, they are NOT allowed to submit the same work. The submitted work must also be different from the one submitted by any other student in previous semesters. Copied work will be straightaway rejected without any consideration and the result of such students will be declared as FAIL.



  • Virtual University has Zero Tolerance Policy for plagiarized work. Such cases are dealt very strictly as per HEC rules.
  •  Submission of any fake/forge document(s) is a crime which shall NOT be excused in any case.




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