HRM619 Project on Measuring the perceived organizational support

 This article aims at investigating the and measuring the perceived organizational support and employee performance of the individuals from a theoretical viewpoint. More specifically, it embarks on the link between the natures of emotional intelligence and the employee performance. Two variables are considered in this study: perceived organizational support and emotional performance. As such, this probe cans a kind of help for managers and researchers to better realize the link between these two variables. It can also assist the organization practitioners to have a better understanding of the relationship between the mentioned factors. This research develops and tests a compensatory model that posits that the association between perceived organizational support and job performance becomes more positive as cognitive intelligence decreases. This research reports the results of a study in which employees completed tests of emotional intelligence and their task performance and organizational performance behavior was assessed by their supervisors. Hypotheses from the model were supported for task performance. We discuss the theoretical implications and managerial ramifications of our model and findings.

Perceived organizational and employee performance

This research is using the simple random sampling technique and the data obtained is measured by mean test evaluation and correlation. Simple random sampling is the most convenient and gives the best and ease of handling the questionnaire to gather the data. From this research, it has been observed that majority of respondents have selected agreed option for the given questionnaire.


1.1. Introduction to Project 4

1.3 Background of the project 4

1.4 Research Objectives. 6

1.5 Project Significance. 6

Chapter # 3  Research Methodology.. 8

3.1 Data collection Source. 8

3.2 Data Collection tools. 8

3.3 Subjects/Participants. 8

3.4 Sample size: 8

3.5 Sampling technique. 9

3.6 Fieldwork/Data Collection: 9

3.7 Data processing and Data analysis. 9

Chapter # 4 Data Analysis. 10

Table 1.2. 12

Summary. 13

Chapter # 5 Conclusion, Recommendation.. 15

5.1 Conclusion. 15

5.2 Recommendations. 17

5.3 Limitation. 18

Bibliography. 18

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