MGT703 GDB Solution Fall 2015

MGT703 Strategic Management GDB Solution Fall 2015

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

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MGT703 GDB Fall 2015 Due date 09,2015

Discussion Case

Johnson & Johnson was founded on 1986 in New Jersey State of USA. J&J produces a wide variety of health-care products, ranging from baby powder to Listerine, joint replacement parts to pharmaceutical drugs. Johnson & Johnson is a big company that is well managed and remained in profit in the financial crisis of 2008. Company’s revenue increased from 61 billioto 63 billion in 2008. Same way their revenue increased in 2009. Company primarily deals with baby care products and beauty products like baby powder, oil etc. J & J was placed at fifth position of fortune 500 companies in 2009.

Based on the recent few financial gains, J & J decided to purchase small cancer drug developer Cougar Biotechnology for about $894 million in cash.“Cougar has an excellent drug for late stage prostate cancer. J&J’s purchase price of $43 a share was a 16 percent premium over Cougar’s closing stock price”.

Point of discussion

Do you think that J & J should purchase and diversify itself with the new drug developer Cougar? Or should it stick to its current business that is already giving it strong business? Give three arguments in support of your answer. (5 marks).

MGT703 GDB Solution





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