MBA Finance Project of Profitability Ratio Analysis of Banks

Introduction of the Project

The main reason for measuring and analyze the three banks Profitability ratio for knowing and enhancing the knowledge about profitability ratio and also find out which bank have efficiency to meet the desire financial goals. This measures and purpose of this ratio is to measures and analyzes company or bank use of its assets and control of its expenses to generate an acceptable rate of return. In short words we could say that profitability ratios are measures of performance showing how much the firm is earning compared to its sales and assets. In this project readers could see the difference in profitability between three banks by comparing the profitability ratio of each. The profitability ratio may include the under below necessary ratios

Operating profit Margin
Net Profit margin
Return on assets and return on equity
Other recommended by the university

Profitability ratio helps to increase the knowledge to make investment decisions. When considering a company as a prospective investment you should review its financial statement. Pay particular attention to the profitability ratios.  If you can, calculate the ratios for the same company over several successive years to see if the company earnings are consistent, growing, declining. Hence Profitability ratio are one of the most vital tools of financial ratio analysis. These are ratio analysis are very important to the small business owner and any investors in the business.  Profitability ratios measure both returns on the investor’s money in the firm and company margins. So Profitability ratios show the firm the firm,s overall efficiency in generating returns and performance.

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