Impact of Customer Satisfaction and Brand Image on Brand Loyalty

Customer Satisfaction and Brand Image on Brand Loyalty

The study goes to research the impact of customer satisfaction and brand image on brand loyalty. The impact has been seen by the information obtained from the shoppers of Gujranwala, Pakistan. form survey was conducted to get information from haphazardly designated University of the geographic region, Gift University, Indus Industries and native society shoppers. A sample of regarding two hundred respondents was obtained during a amount of 1 month and their responses were more tested on SPSS software package by applying totally different applied mathematics techniques.

Results ended that the client satisfaction and complete image each have a major positive impact on the complete loyalty. Study discovered that the impact {of complete|of brand name|of name} image on brand loyalty was bigger than the impact of client satisfaction. what is more, this analysis elaborates that the shoppers are often created loyal to the brand by providing satisfaction through higher quality services and act and developing a decent brand image through correct positioning. sensible implications, analysis limitations and therefore the future study directions even have been given during this paper.

Customer retention and loyalty are arising as a big concern in the whole globe. Brands are introducing each and every day leads to an ever ending competition. In this competitive environment, making a customer brand loyal is rising as a giant challenge however it’s the necessity of the hour for recouping market share and profit and can solely be done by creating client satisfy and developing a decent image within the mind of shoppers. When we speak within the context of the complete globe, brands ar introducing and acceptive in each smart economy which provide indication that customers ar not solely provide importance to tangible merchandise and services however they additionally search for the conceit behind the scene.

Customer Satisfaction:

in step with Anderson  once the merchandise matched with the expectation of the client then it’s enhance its satisfaction that ultimately results in gain. however such variety of client satisfaction cannot continually accomplish by simply doing the whole quality management because it additionally related to several small parts. moreover Eugene W. et al [9] aforesaid that product commonly stay low from expectation when it’s simple to judge them. High satisfaction additionally proves harmful generally because it becomes essential to ensure that level anytime and furthermore it additionally place impact on client repurchase intention. Since Churchill Jr. et al [10] mentioned that the dis confirmation is initiate whenever there area unit perception and expectation about the merchandise and its performance.

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