Human Resource Project Topics for MBA Students

Welcome to our Human Resource Project Topics for MBA Students.



  1. Levels of Companies
  2. Technologies and Domineer
  3. Portal Explanation
  4. Explanation of Job Descripton and Analyzing of Requirement
  5. Sourcing of Profiles from Portals
  6. Screening of profiles as per the requirement
  7. Calling the Candidates
  8. Formatting of profiles and Tracker’s Preparation
  9. Maintenance of Databas

Training and Development

  1. Concept of Training and Development
  2. Training Needs Identification Process
  3. Designing Annual Training Plans
  4. Training Execution
  5. Designing Employee Development Initiatives
  6. Designing Supervisory Development Programs
  7. Designing Management Development Programs
  8. What is Training ROI and how to Calculate
  9. Introduction to Best Trainer Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

Induction and Orientation

  1. How to Design Induction Programs and Execution
  2. How to Design on the Job Training Programs and Monitoring
  3. How to evaluate effectiveness of Induction and on the Job Training Programs
  4. Probation Confirmation and HR Role

Team Management Skills

  1. Understanding What is a Team
  2. Understanding Team Development Stages
  3. What is your Team Membership Orientation
  4. How to improve your effectiveness as Team Member
  5. What is Team Leadership
  6. Understanding my Orientation

HR- Project Titles for MBA Students

  1. Stress Management
  2. Job Satisfaction
  3. Employee Motivation
  4. Quality of Work Life
  5. Training and Development
  6. Recruitment Life Cycle
  7. Recruitment and Selection
  8. Human Resource Development
  9. Employee Engagement
  10. Performance Appraisal
  11. Compensation Management

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  1. Dear Sonia

    I have received your email, and your documents have evaluated and emailed you at given address. You are directed to see the given comments in Data analysis portion. You are required to follow the guidelines which are provided to you in marked sheet. Your data analysis is very poor; however some instructions with examples are also provided to you for better understanding; develop a strong background of your project, it is advised to you to include current facts and figures in the background. You should also explain it in the
    context with the work already done on the topic. It should provide the entire necessary initial Information so that the reader can better understand the situation under study.

    In case of any ambiguity, and you are more then welcome to write us again. This is free of cost, no cost will be charged from you. Thanks for your repeated interest.

  2. Dear Sir

    Thank you. really helpfull. I emailed you my documents, Please give little time on my papers. I am trying to call you last night but your cell was not responding. Please email me another # if any. thanks

  3. Dear Sir

    Sir I am student of Punjab University Lahore. I am working on my final thesis. I am facing bit problem in mean and correlation value, how to define the finding. Please guide me, i wrote email to you in this regard but you did not replied. Please guide me. thanks.

    • Dear Sonia

      you did not mentioned the values which are found during your analysis. It is better to you send your documents at my official email, that address is available at Contact us Page. For contact kindly click here For hint i give you an example.

      If a student conducting a research on a topic,after collection of data and data analysis,the Mean value come 1.50, these leads to your 2nd option of your questions (you did not mentioned your questionnaires scale) If mean value come 2.50 its mean, most of the subjects have selected 3rd option of your questionnaires scale. And so on for others option. If you are using Likert scale in questionnaires then option would be

      1. Strongly disagree
      2. Disagree
      3. Neutral
      4. Agree
      5. Strongly agree

      Now if the value comes 3.50 or above, here its mean “agree” because this mean value lies that most of the participants were found agree to your questions. Then you should have to follow the same practices in all values to access study objectives.

      As for as 2nd Correlation question concern, this technique is used to identify the relationship among variables, which are independent and dependent variables. For example, the impact of strong management on company outputs, so here, the independent variables is strong management and dependent variables are outputs. If a company has strong management or experts manager, definitely the company out comes would be high. Poor management leads to poor outputs. So we can say there is positive relationship among two variables. But stage of relationship will be different and it is depend on your correlation values.

      I hope it will be clear to you, if you have any question, you are more then welcome to write us again.

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