HRM619 Project Proposal on training practices on the job satisfaction

Introduction to Project Proposal

This HRM619 Project proposal is presenting a proposal as sample on effect of training practices on job satisfaction. Here it seems necessary to briefly state what are HR and what are its Training & Development Practices in particular. A human resource department is a critical component of employee well-being in any business, no matter how small. They play prominent roles in selection of employees and advising them about their suitable position in the organization and apart from that they keep a note of employees’ wages, leaves and work rights (sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination). Moreover, HR responsibilities include benefits, hiring, firing, training and keeping up to date with state and federal laws.

We can say that HR is a direct link to employees. There are many HR practices that help in the creation of a highly satisfied and motivated work force. Among them training and development is a wonderful strategy that helps in the betterment of the employees and their work.

Background of the Project Proposal 

This project, thus clearly highlights what are the training and developmental practices regarding the two telecommunication companies under study and what is the impact and significance of these training practices not only for the success of the company but also how they are beneficial for personal progress of the employee.

It is hard to imagine a more critical, challenging and dynamic job than studying on the Training Practices of any company or organization.  This research is needed so as to focus on the training practices and its requirements of both the companies,  the different training techniques that they adopt to groom their new employees and last but not the least, the comparison of both companies training styles.

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