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Sir please explain about haphazard manners in research:? What is that and how they effect our research program:?

Haphazard means lack of order or planning. As research is defined as a systematic and organized effort to investigate a specific problem, from this definition we can extract the fact that research can’t be done in unplanned or unorganized way. Therefore we can’t find the solution of our problem in haphazard manner if we want to do research. If a researcher does not use a systematic approach then his decisions will be based on a person who uses common sense alone for analysis and decision making, and his decisions will be less reliable. Hope this answers your query. Regards

What is identifying the problem of solution and how we can identify it?

The concept is ‘identifying problems and solutions’ or it can be ‘identifying solution of problem’ rather than ‘problem of a solution’. Identifying problem and solution of an undesirable situation is the basic aim of doing research. It means to sort out the actual reason of any problem occurred and propose the feasible solution. Most of the time problems seem very simple and appear like ‘tip of iceberg’ but in fact they are much bigger as iceberg keeps on widening below the surface of water. Researchers have to locate the magnitude and depth of iceberg in order to solve the problem. Researchers can identify problem by deeply analyzing the undesired situation and locating all the possible factors that are strengthening certain problem. Hope it will answer your query.

Definition of Research:
The collecting of information about a particular subject is called research. Correct / not.
Example of research:
The study is an important piece of research. Before going out to eat, she researched area restaurants. Correct / not tell me about ?
Please Explain these line in simple word for better understanding:
The researchers try to make use of their findings for generating theories and models that could be used for understanding human behavior and the functioning of different structures both at the micro (organizational) and macro (societal) level.
Please sir give answer these questions?
What do we do with research?
What is importance of research in current life?

Dear student I appreciate your concern for learning.

“The collecting of information about a particular subject is called research” is an incomplete definition. In easy words you can say that research involves steps to find solutions to a problem in order to reach the conclusion. ·

Example of research: “The study is an important piece of research. Before going out to eat, she researched area restaurants. Correct / not tell me about?” The example given by you also needs little elaboration. Only searching the things does not mean that research is conducted, there must be some solution to the problem or this research activity should broaden the knowledge. E.g you want to know about customer satisfaction of each restaurant is a complete research example. · “

Please Explain these line in simple word for better understanding: The researchers try to make use of their findings for generating theories and models that could be used for understanding human behavior and the functioning of different structures both at the micro (organizational) and macro (societal) level.” These lines mean that with the help of research, we try to generate theories which may deal with human behavior also both at broad and small level.

For other two questions, answers have already been given in above queries.

Respected Teacher: Please tell me what is difference among Moderating Variables and Intervening Variables.?

When a researcher conducts a research, then he/she, in general, is observing the relationship between two variables. For example, if researcher thinks that “Workplace environment has positive relationship with motivation level” then in fact researcher is observing the relationship between workplace environment and motivation. However this relationship exists in most of the cases but intensity of this relationship is not same in all cases. After investigating it is observed that there is another variable that influences this relationship and that variable which indirectly influences the relationship may be called as moderating variable or intervening variable. Now question is how one can decide about that variable, whether it is moderating or intervening variable. Look at the figure A & B. In figure A, there is direct relationship between workplace environment and motivation and that relationship is influenced by manager/employee relationship. The third variable influences the direct relationship. If third variable is absent the relationship still exists. In such cases that variable is called moderating variable. In figure B, The effect of workplace environment appears indirectly through manager/employee relationship and if we remove this variable then there is no direct relationship between workplace environment and motivation. This variable is called intervening variable. Hopefully your query is answered. Feel free to contact again.

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1) Can we utilize multiple kinds of research for one subject??? or I need to find only one research (i.e Explanatory / Descriptive) kind for on subject??
2) Sometimes, we could not find which kind of research should be chosen for any subject? In such case which things we should keep in focus to reach to any result??
Khalid Khan.
Use of different types of researches depends on research objectives. It is quite possible that exploratory and descriptive research is conducted for one research study. E.g. when dengue came first time in Pakistan, this disease was new. To explore about this disease was exploratory research, but at the same time, study was also conducted to know that how many patients are affected and what are their characteristics. This came under descriptive research.
Following are the conditions which ascertain that what type of research we can use. 
Exploratory research is used when the researcher does not know the precise research questions to begin with, and thus uses a flexible design to make sure nothing is missed. This design is often used at the initial stages of the research process when the problem is not yet completely defined. The objective here is to explore all the facets, and possibilities. For example; a food processing company XYZ develops several new formulations of potato chips. It wants to determine whether it should try to develop the products further for sale. Here, the researcher may not know the research questions to begin with. Now the research conducted to know whether potential customers would like or dislike about the products and can this idea be taken further to product development is categorized as exploratory research. · Descriptive research is done when researcher already knows or understands the underlying relationship among variables in the problem, or s/he knows about the research questions already. It helps to answer who, what, when, where, and how questions. For example: A researcher wants to know what brands of soaps households purchase, where they purchase them, what price they pay for them, how much they buy. The researcher also wishes to know how these variables are affected by where the family lives, family size, and the number of children. To answer the how much, which, when would come under descriptive research. · · Explanatory research finds causes and reasons. For example, a descriptive research tells that children want to eat bread and juice in breakfast, whereas the explanatory researcher is more interested in learning why children this sort of breakfast.
Sir kindly differentiate between i) Action research and ii) Impact Assessment Research in simple words ?
Action research is the research which is done to improve the condition of research participants by taking actions. In this type of research, those who are being studied also participate in the research process. Another purpose of action research is to create awareness in such a way that ordinary people can become aware of conditions and learn to take actions that can bring about improvement. Impact assessment is the type of applied research in which research. Impact Assessment is the research in which researcher estimates likely consequences of planned activity for example; how much helpful a flyover would be for civilians in a city.
Please differentiate the panel study and cohort analysis(types of longitudinal research) in simple words.They are confusing me.Please give some examples and how both can be use?
I’ll be thankful.
Panel study and cohort study are types of longitudinal research. Longitudinal research’s purpose is to measure the change in the attitude of people, and study is done for longer time-frame. In panel study same sample is studied over longer period of time. E.g. same cancer patients are studied over the course of period to get to know the effect of cancer treatment. On the other hand, cohort study is similar to panel study, only difference is that in panel study SAME people are studied over a period of time but in cohort study same group of people (not necessary exactly same people who were contacted first), sharing common attributes are studied. E.g. in cohort study sample may include students who were born on same year.

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