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Sir, You differentiate between secondary,primary and tertiary well but kindly just explain them with further example. for example in case of books there is no respondents and they are written in past and current articles also publish in newspapers and magazines. then how we differentiate? Regards,

Data obtained from books, newspapers and article articles fall in the category of the secondary data. Because researcher use the information provided by the author or writer.

What is purpose of Research Design? What different five methods or techniques are being used in “Contemporary research “means?

There are many purposes that research design serve main are as follows:

  • Defines elaborate and explain the research topic.
  • Make clear the area of research to other.
  • Provide limits and boundaries to a research.
  • Give the whole scenario of the research.
  • Tell the modes and consequences.
  • Ensuring of time and resources is done.

Sir Aamir, What is meant by bias?sir i dont understand tell me in easy words (Please in ease words)

Dear Shazia. Whereas chance is caused by random variation, bias is caused by systematic variation. A systematic error in the way we select our patients, measure our outcomes, or analyze our data will lead to results that are inaccurate. There are numerous types of bias that may affect a study. Understanding how bias occurs is more important than remember the names of different types of bias.

Sir, Please explain more clearly about sponsorship disclosure with an example.

As you know generally three parties are involved in research process: the researcher, the sponsoring client, and the respondent. While conducting any research, some sponsors want to launch research without disclosing their identity or revealing their names. For doing this they have a right to choose what kind of information they want to hide. For example they can keep their name, purpose of research or finding of the research confidential and do not public these things. Findings disclosure means that sponsor does not want to make results of the research public or available to common man or to competitor.

For example, if Nestle hired a researcher company for conduct of some survey then it is sponsor’s right (in this case Nestle) to disclose its identity or not.

Respected sir, please clear what is meant by that point “Maximizing the sponsor’s value for the resources expended

As you know generally three parties are involved in research process: the researcher, the sponsoring client, and the respondent. The whole research is based on problem or issue presented by sponsor. After completing the research, the results are forwarded to sponsor and if results are not providing any substantial value to sponsor or result are not providing the solution of sponsor’s problem then one can said that resources are not generating any value to sponsor or waste of sponsor’s resources. The other words, if results are providing some thing extra in addition to solution of sponsors’ problem then you can say that it is maximizing the sponsor’s value for the resources expended.

Sir please explain Anonymity ?

Dictionary meaning of anonymity is ‘state of being unknown’. Anonymity helps researcher to get confidence of respondent while data collection as most of the respondents are reluctant to share the data. The anonymity encourages respondent to provide honest answers to the question.

Where we apply the questionnaire tool of data collection?

Questionnaire refers to a list of questions which is used to get responses of the customers by handling the questionnaire directly to respondents. It is used when respondent’s convenience is of importance. They can fill the questionnaire when they get time. Moreover as it is cost efficient, researcher uses it when there is this constraint. When observing the body language of respondent is not of high importance, questionnaire can be used also.

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