Comparison of Brand Loyalty Aquafina VS Kinley

Comparison of Brand Loyalty Aquafina mineral Water VS Kinley 

Importance of brand loyalty

We know that maintaining importance of brand loyalty is the biggest challenge for the company, as it is a very tedious process to acquire a customer and then convert him to carry repeat purchases from the company. The more difficulty part comes in providing the same level of service that a customer will expect in his return to his loyalty. The importance of name loyalty will be asserted from the actual fact that it plays an important role within the company’s advertising appetites. If a selected product has a decent complete loyalty, then the corporate spends massive expends over short periods of your time to draw in new patrons, however if the complete loyalty is low then firms tend to stay the advertising at a gentle pace to draw in recent shoppers and to spice up sales.  Consumers who have repeat buying patterns come into this category. It becomes essential for the company to tap the consumer into behavioral loyalty as it is an express way for gaining returns.

Comparison of Brand Loyalty Aquafina VS Kinley 

Thus this study has been conducted to find out the level of brand image and brand loyalty of both mentioned brands. The study aim was to determine those factors which are becoming reasons behind the loyalty of two brands. Therefore the study has selected Aquafina and Kinley to measure the loyalty of the customers towards these brands. Data was collected through questionnaires from both company users. Research has used convenience sampling technique to gather the data from the both brand users.

Hence after collecting data from the customers, it was further proceed at the MS excel sheet for result. Therefore the results were analyzed through percentage analysis and with interpretation. On the base fining, overall analysis are indicating that Kinley has the more loyal customers then Aquafina on the base on lot of reasons I described in the data analysis portion.

Brand Loyalty Aquafina mineral Water VS Kinley

To measure the brand loyalty and for the sake knowing true facts I have select Aquafina Mineral Water and Kinley water. These two are competitors brand and fighting in the market.  Data would be collect from the both brand user who are drinking Mineral water of selected brand. A convenience sampling technique will be used for gather the data from the consumers. The study will find and measure the brand loyalty customers of Aquafina and kinley water. So in this research primary data will be used to access the study objectives.

According to percentage analysis, you can see that 43 % respondents are saying they will leave to Aquafina brand and will select another, 20 % respondents are also found strongly agree with that statement. Whereas you can see that 45 % respondents from Kinley water are selected strongly disagree option as they will not replace this brand. 18 % respondents 25 % respondents are also denied this statement. After writing two brand interpretations, the study has reached at this point that majority of the respondents wish to switch Aquafina to another brand as compare to Kinley water.

On the base on percentage analysis, the identified values are presenting true finding of both brand. you can see that 49 % respondents are selected Agree option as they think that Kinley water has very good reputation in the market, 29 % respondents are also found strongly agree to this statement. Whereas you can see that on average 50 % respondents are found disagree and strongly disagree that Aquafina have not any reputation in the market hence we are disagreeing to this statement. Only on average 35 % respondents are agree and strongly agree with statement. Hence most of the respondents are talking about Kinley water, that it has more reputation in the market then Aquafina.

Brand Loyalty Aquafina VS Kinley

The study was conducted on the topic comparison of brand loyalty between Aquafina and Kinley. The primary aim of this research was to find out the consumers loyalty towards particular brand and you have seen data was collected through questionnaires from the users of both brands through convenience method. The result was analyzed through percentage analysis and data was displayed in the data analysis portion in tabulation form.


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