Comparative study on the factors of Job Burnout in Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola

HRM619 Final Project factors of Job Burnout in Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola

The concept of burnout was introduced by, Bradley (1969) in a research paper on probation officers. However,the term itself originated in 1974 by Freudenberger who was a practitioner at a community agency focusing on drug abuse (Skovholt, 2001). In the early 1980s, The topic of burnout became increasingly studied among human service professionals (Cherniss, 1980). Furthermore, it is estimated that 2,500 papers have been published on job burnout over a 20-year period, primarily among human service professionals (Schulz,Greenley, & Brown, 1995).

Burnout is characterized by feeling of intense fatigue, a sense of isolation and loss of control, as well as a feeling of accomplishing nothing at work. It is often accompanied by insomnia, headaches, gastrointestinal symptoms, a variety of muscular and joint paints and lapses in memory. Burnout is a topic that is widely extensively in the areas of education, psychology, nursing, social work and therapy. Some literature focuses on professional burnout, particularly with regard to the helping professions. Miller (1998) and Sussman 91992, 1995) have written about the stresses of practicing psychotherapy and the prevalence of burnout in this field.

Current study was completed by performing a market survey to see which brand of soft drink does customers prefer and shows loyalty to it, for this purpose two leading soft drink brands Pepsi and Coca cola were chosen. Cola wars have rocked the world since decades now we are aware that both brands are popular and are associated with big celebrity names for promotion, both their promotion and positioning strategies are different for example coca cola focuses on family and friends getting together during festivities and social events and enjoy and share happiness, whereas focus of Pepsi is towards young achievers and youth energy and music. Since both mentioned brands of soft drink are popular throughout the globe as well as Pakistan hence this study was conducted to see which brand does Pakistanis prefer and what are the attributes that makes their brand a better one than the other.

Customer data was obtained from customers of Pepsi and Coca cola from a total sample size of 100 customers selected through convenience sampling. Questionnaires with close ended questions were provided to these customers to complete themselves, and then return the questionnaire to the researcher.

Hence the main data collection instrument was questionnaires which contained questions about both brands attributes, customer commitment to the brand, benefits, and customer retention and brand preference etc. then all the collected data was calculated using percentage analysis to provide correct snapshot of customer views about Pepsi and Coca cola. From different tables for each question the study have shown that Pepsi customers feel attached to the brand but customers of Coca cola did not feel any attachment with the brand Pepsi was more preferred brand of cola among the sample customers collected Pepsi customers feel that the company treats its customers ethically when compared with coca cola most customers did not feel the company treats customers ethically most customers of Pepsi were satisfied with the brand and customers felt committed to the brand

HRM619 Final Project on Burnout with complete Data Analysis Available.

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