Comparative Analysis of Various Financial institutions in the Market

FIN619-Final Project-Finance


The project “Comparative Analysis of various Financial Institutions in the market” was done to get the idea, as well as knowledge, benefits and use of financial advisor in the present scenario. The basic objective behind the study carried out by me is to   know much more about the prospects of Financial Planning in the growing economy. People should come out of the concept of just keeping their money in Savings Account and Fixed Deposits and should concentrate on their financial planning to maximize returns by taking proper guidance from financial planner.

Most of the advisors provide expertise information and knowledge about various financial products, like bonds, mutual funds, insurance, equity market and real estate etc. The in-depth analysis of the report will help the reader know much more about the investors and financial advisors. Investors having low saving potential, growth of capital acts as a primary objective behind investments. Investors get high level of satisfaction from existing financial advisors, which depicts that there is a need of financial institutions to approach these investors in a proper manner so as to provide value additions to the saving potential and portfolio.

The sum up, there has been a sustained effort and dedication involved to make this study a comprehensive market study but at the same time. The researcher is open to any kind of suggestions that further needs to be considered in respect to the course of his work.


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