Project Comparison of Advertising Strategies Zong VS Mobilink

Comparison of Advertising Strategies  Zong VS Mobilink

The back ground of the project is to analyze advertising strategy of Mobilink and Warid. The study will find out what is various effective advertising tools and strategies that helps the both companies to gain more and more customers by adopting effective advertising strategy. So for this purpose study is going to conduct to find out


The main purpose of this project is concerned to done comparative analysis between both companies advertising strategy. Advertising considered a important tools to attract the customer towards products. It depends how company convey a message to their customers through using effective tools. Mobilink is also adopting effective tools to deliver message to its customers, but on the other side Warid is also adopting different advertising tools for delivering products features message.


Most of the customer comes to buy connection after seeing different ads on different channel. In this study will find customers perception about both companies advertising strategy. ? I will also find out how both companies could improve sales volumes with the help of advertisement. In shortly My Project will cover both companies advertisement strategy, effectiveness of both companies’ advertisements.


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