Proposal on Does personalities of celebrities match with the brands advertised

Personalities of celebrities match with the brands advertised

Percentage analysis was performed to measure consumer responses about advertising of Warid and Mobilink the percentage analysis indicates that ads by Warid are more famous among its users than the mobilink ads are with the users.  These findings also show that Warid has better advertising than Mobilink. Warid users usually come across the  Personalities of celebrities ads several times a day, they believe that the ads are meaningful as well as entertaining and the message of the ads is clear and not vague in any way.

They see ads of warid as more than a way of simply product selling yet it motivates users to purchase the products offered by Warid. Responses for mobilink however were positive but most users shows negative response with ads of the brand and stated that the ads of mobilink are just about selling product which does not motivate users to purchase the product. Mobilink needs to improve its advertising to enhance the message and brand of the company and to promote sales.

The main reason for conducting this research is to examine and study the advertising strategies of Mobilink and Warid in pre-paid connection. The primary aim this research is to know the customers perception regarding to both companies advertising strategies and compare the advertising strategies each other. In fact Advertising is a term used to communicate or transfer business related information to current and future customers. Advertising provides information about the company, the product and the brand.

It is equally important for both customers and sellers in the market. The theme of advertising is to sell a product, a service or an idea basically aim of advertising is to create a need in minds of customers for a product or service. Advertising is a tool used to rouse interest in customer minds especially when a new product is launched in the market extensive advertising is used to promote it creating hype in the market based on features of product being introduced.


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