Project on Marketing Mix on Haleeb Foods

Marketing Mix of Haleeb Foods

The selling combine covers all the aspects that play a crucial role within the physical look, affordability and also the means a product is placed in front of the buyer. It facilitates in building a picture which might within the finish help the corporate to capture huge market share.


There are a lot of products which are being manufactured by the Haleeb Foods but we are only considering two products

Haleeb Milk

The first product could be a diary item. the merchandise was initial designed to capture 2 forms of markets that are for drinking and tea purpose. once few years the corporate realized that Haleeb Milk is obtaining famous for tea market therefore it’s higher to launch whole new} brand for drinking purpose.

Candia Milk

After realizing that they have complete new} brand to capture market of milk for drinking purpose. Here they grasp that the Nestle Milk Pack is that the market leader for that phase. they are available up with a replacement concept of milk from Europe’s No. 1 brand. individuals have the image of a multi national company merchandise are invariably sensible and hygienic

Standard size i.e; ¼ Litre pack is most well-liked. it’s the foremost profitable package of Haleeb Foods. it had been introduced as a result of customers like Haleeb Milk for tea and thru analysis the corporate involves recognize that buyers are demanding tiny packs. 250 ml pack is Haleeb Foods star product. as a result of it’s high market share and still market has nice potential to grow in future. it’s additionally a convenience product. folks set up very little to shop for it. thus it’s an impulse product. Haleeb Foods is doing wide unfold distribution on convenient location. Haleeb is promoting one Litre a lot of, to extend its sales as Candia is did not capture the required market and that they need Haleeb Milk to capture that market. In product “life cycle” 250 ml and five hundred ml packs are still on the expansion stage and that they have the potential to grow a lot of for regarding next ten to twenty years however still to avoid any issues they are available up with Haleeb Chota that creates tea just for 2 persons.

Macroeconomic Environment


The fluctuations in Pakistan economy additionally result Haleeb’s market position. thanks to high inflation and low getting power Haleeb is unable to capture several potential customers of the massive Pakistani population who got to struggle exhausting to form their living doable instead of to afford the posh of drinking packed milk as typically as they’d wish to.


Haleeb Foods target market includes folks from all demographics (age wise, gender wise, income teams, social standing etc.) for instance, Haleeb Milk is for tea purpose therefore we will say it’s designed for mature age and it’s being purchase by a similar age level. the corporate is usually targeting females because it is extremely clear from the advertisements. it’s additionally vital to spot that solely those people that are interested in their health and have the getting power can get Haleeb Milk. however on the opposite facet Candia Milk is targeting kids as they’re creating active half within the selection of milk.

Advertising Strategy

The strategy is extremely straightforward, they apprehend that we’ve a perception that the milk is of fine quality when it’s thick. If we have a tendency to are talking regarding tea users then it becomes obvious that the milk ought to be thicker as a result of solely then it will create additional cups of tea. therefore their slogan perpetually focuses on thickness and purity.The decision to settle on the proper advertising media is extremely vital and it becomes additional vital to spot that at what time the folks watch TV and specially their target market I-e females.Sadia Imam is employed as their whole ambassador. they need conjointly used different celebrities that are Sajid Hasan and different famous celebrities.Through analysis we might return to grasp that females watch TV once ten am to eleven.30 am and once more they watch TV at the hours of darkness at 7pm to eleven pm. the foremost needed channels are Star and and Geo News and personal Movie channels that are running on cable. the corporate ought to advertise on these timings and take a look at to advertise on cable furthermore.

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