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I am Ch. Nasir Iqbal Advocate High Court, Lahore. Due to my daily tight schedules I was much worried about my final project of HRM619 because my daily routine work does not allow me to spend enough time to arrange data collection & visit organizations from the employees. So, i was very confused that how to complete this project.

Furthermore, I found the mobile number of Mian Aamir (Admin of this site) to say thanks to provide such precious helping material and requested for further guide in this project completion.

Mian Aamir not only provided me complete guidance at right time to complete the HRM619 project but also helped me to prepare the presentation and viva voice.

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All of praises for Almighty ALLAH who bestowed potentially upon me to accomplish this report successfully. He gave me the power and devotion to make it possible to make the project


Then, last but not the least; I am thankful to Mr. Mudassar Ali – Finance Director at Zain providing the financial statements of last few years.  I am also thankful to my friends Mr. Khalid Qamar, Muhammad Imran & Khawar Abbas Bhutta for helping me in collecting related marketing materials for both companies as well as for collecting survey data.

In the last, I am thankful of Virtual University of Pakistan to know my capabilities and assigning me the duty to compile a project report on the financial statement analysis of two companies of the same industry and for inspiring me to learn more and more and to groom me for the future tasks.

Comparison of Brand Loyalty of Zain & Wataniya Telecommunication


The purpose of this research to determine the consumer’s views regarding to brand loyalty of Zain and Wataniya telecommunication and compare the consumer’s perception related to brand loyalty of both brands. The other aim of this study was to examine and investigate the level of brand loyalty and image of Zain and Wataniya companies. Therefore data was collected with the help of questionnaires from the 100 customers. This study has used convenience sampling technique to gather the data from the customers of both companies.

The current report holding all the data analysis and its result, data was proceed and analyzed on excel sheet and was displayed in tabulation form. In data analysis portion, each table is presenting the both companies finding and customer’s feedback. All customers’ feedback has been measured with the help of percentage analysis. Some of the true findings of this research are below:-

  1. On the base on overall finding, Zain company has more loyal customers as compare to Wataniya.
  2. Most of the respondents were using Zain connection than Wataniya for the last 3,4 years hence Zain company has more loyal customers as compare to Wataniya.
  3. Most of the customers of Wataniya wish to jump another connection due to poor network availability, less customers support and due to other factors.


This research will be conducted on brand loyalty between two telecommunication companies in Kuwait namely Zain and Wataniya. Telecom market is one of the most competitive markets in all over the world customers will like a brand if they offer a attractive and affordable SMS, calls, voice mail service and internet packages, in Kuwait 3g and 4g customers are increasing making the competition very tough for telecom companies to have a brand loyal customer who will not replace them with another brand if it offers a price lower than the favorite brand of customer. Customers prefer different brands for different reasons.

Brand loyal customers are the strongest base of any firm in any business sector because brand loyalty mean that a scenario where customer is reluctant in purchasing or using a product from a different brand which he/she is not familiar with. Hence customer will be remain loyal to only one brand as long as it is available. It is difficult for a brand loyal customer to switch from one brand to another.

A customer is said to be brand loyal when he/she feel that the brand they like consist of the product characteristics with excellent quality and the right price they will not switch to another brand which are available at a lower price than their favorite brand. Brand loyalty is important for companies because it leads to reduction in marketing expenditure this reason behind this reduction is that a brand loyal customer will always purchase but that product and positively promote it more over introduction of other products can be targeted at the same customers at lower costs this method will restrain competitor companies from taking the bigger market share. Brand loyalty shows the perceptions of customers regarding the brand.


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