Executive Summary

First, in the report, the introduction of NBP is given. For this, purpose a brief history of the bank is given in the start. The goal of this MKT619 Internship report on national bank of pakistan surround Banking Structure, Branch Structure, marketing analysis, Sales analysis, aggressive analysis, SWOT analysis of national bank of pakistan and bank tariff abstract concepts with practical experience working in National Bank of Pakistan. There are many possible improvements, which we can make helpful changes in the system.

As the my area is of the specialization in the marketing I learn about the many marketing actives which are carry out in the NBP for their brand.

National Bank of Pakistan History

National Bank of pakistan of Pakistanis the largest commercial bank operating in Pakistan. It has redefined its role and has moved from a public sector organization into a modern commercial bank. NBP headquarters in Karachi, The bank provides both commercial and public sector banking services.

In 1949, National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) was established under the National Bank of Pakistan Ordinance of 1949 and was government-owned. NBP acted as an agent of the central bank wherever the State Bank did not have its own branch. It also undertook government treasury operations. Its first branches were in jute growing areas inEast Pakistan.  NBP is 100% owned by the Government of Pakistan.

In deposits, NBP holds 24.6% share of time and demand deposits in the country. Local currency deposits comprise 67% of bank’s total deposits. In transactions, Initial public offering and listing of 5% GOP owned shares of NBP.

Introduction to all Departments.

The NBP contain the many departments this department introduction is here under.

  1.       Cash department of national bank of Pakistan
  2.       Credit department National bank of pakistan
  3.       Remittance department national bank of pakistan
  4.       Operation department of national bank of pakistan
  5.       Account opening Department of national bank of pakistan
  6.       Government department of national bank of pakistan
  7.       Customer services department of national bank of pakistan
  8.       Agricultural department of national bank of pakistan
  9.       The I.T department of national bank of pakistan
  10.       The Audit and inspection department of national bank of pakistan
  11.       Account Department of national bank of pakistan.

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