HR Project Report on Comparison of training practices of NBP and Meezan bank

Introduction to Project

Commonly we can say training is referring to pre planned struggle to facilitate the learning of job-related knowledge, skill and behavior by employee. Although training helps employees do their current jobs, the benefits training may extend throughout a person’s career and help develop that person for future responsibilities.

In other words training and development pay dividends to the workers and the organization. Though no single program yields all the benefits the personal and career goals of the employee are furthered, adding to his or her abilities and value to the employer, which furthers the objectives of the managers and the HR Department.  However training is not universal solution are necessary too. Effective job designs, selection placement and other activities are necessary too.

Now here is need, for write about importance of HRM practice on employee training. In HRM practice training is a vital factor for productivity, we can say higher productivity observed in firms that report providing training on his study assert the relationship between job training and productivity, however job training tends to be lose value when the workers change job, therefore the organization increase the cost of keeping trained position filled.

So hence the study is going to conduct on this great topic HR training practice in Mezan Bank and National bank. In project, it will be find out, how HR training practice positively affects the company output.


The back ground of this project is study the both bank HR training practice on employee, and how it positively linked to bank productivity or outcomes. In study, the various analyses will be done among two banks about its HR department activities importantly on employee training. So the reason behind conducting this research to find out the HR practice and company efficiency, many studies have been overcome the suspicion such as finds that high involvement practices such as autonomy, team collaboration and training are related to reduce employee turnover and increased productivity. So this study is going to conduct among two bank to find out the truth, how employee training could increase the company outputs directly.

In developed countries most of the research work and empirical studies have been done on the subject of employees’ performance and human resource management practices and found a significant relationship between HR practices and employee or firm performance. This research is conducted to ensure whether those results are also applicable in Pakistan. Most of the previous studies have been proved that there is a strong relationship between HR practices and firms’ performance. The aim of current study was to compare training practices of two different banks in Pakistan.

Research Methodology.

For this study, Primary source and secondary will be used for data collection, For this study Descriptive research will be used, the logical reason behind over this that it deal survey, and fact fining enquiries of different types.

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