How to write perfect marketing dissertation(MKT619)

General Guidelines for marketing Project/Dissertation(MKT619).

The following guidelines are formulated to help you throughout the journey of making your final project/dissertation for your MBA degree.

  1. You are required to be more vigilant and active once you select this course. Regularly check your mails and keep in contact with your Course Instructor via email and/or MDB. Read the announcements to keep you abreast with the latest updates.
  1.  In the beginning of your course, you should start reading the literature available related to your field of specialization. This will make you understand various researches done in the area in which you are specializing. The study of additional literature will enhance your interest in the field and will make it easier for you to select a topic of your interest to work on.
  1. Take a print of the provided Semester Calendar and display it in your study room so that you will be able to manage your time and submit your written work according to the due dates.
  1. Always keep a backup of your written work in a floppy/CD/USB etc., so that if the original file gets corrupted or your hard drive encounters any problem your work does not get lost completely.
  1. The Semester Calendar is designed keeping in view your activities in a semester. Divide all the activities required for the completion of your final project/dissertation and set your own targets which must fall within the due dates mentioned in the semester calendar. It will help you complete your project/dissertation within due dates and will not cause any extra burden. Be realistic about the time that you allocate to your work.
  1. Proper time management is of utmost importance in this course. Any delay in the submission can cost you an extra semester and wastage of time.
  1. You must have a strong and in-depth knowledge of your area of specialization, so that you may be able to produce quality work by using your knowledge related to your area of specialization.
  1. Be careful while selecting topic of your project/dissertation. Students who select appropriate topic can complete their project/dissertation more conveniently and accurately.

  2. While selecting the topic, make sure that you can easily gather/collect all the relevant data that is required for your project/dissertation.

  3. The concluding section of the project/dissertation must summarize what you have done and the conclusions you have drawn. Conclusions must be based on the proceedings, facts and findings.

  4. Recommendations for further work are important as a matter of fact; therefore, you will be expected to make suggestions of how your work can be improved further to explore areas that still deserve investigation.

  5. The assessors/evaluators always want to know whether the project/dissertation objectives have been achieved and the research work has contributed to the existing knowledge on the selected topic. This is considered to be the most important criteria for evaluating the worth of written work.

You can divide the process of making a project/dissertation into the following activities:

  1. Activity 1: Topic selection
  2. Activity 2: Proposal preparation
  3. Activity 3: Plan your project/dissertation (you can make general plan for your own convenience regarding the proceeding of the project/dissertation)
  4. Activity 4: Data Collection, Data Processing and Data Analysis
  5. Activity 5: Project/Dissertation Writing
  6. Activity 6: Project/Dissertation Review

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