FIN619 Final Project Assignment 7 Submission of Final Project

The result of the Assignment No.5 (Revised Submission of Final Project) has been announced. The evaluated Projects have also been uploaded in the course on VULMS. Results of evaluated Projects have been declared as Pass or Needs Improvements.

Type One: PASS:

What to do now?

The students whose results of Written Work as a whole i.e. (Proposal & Final Project) have been declared as Pass should carefully read and follow the comments given in their evaluated projects and start preparing for presentation & viva voce. They are required to read the guidelines for presentation & viva voce (Lesson no. 6) uploaded on VULMS in the course. Also follow the require presentation template (available in “Downloads” section and “Lesson no. 6”) to design the presentation power point slides. Assignment No.8 (Second Submission of Presentation Slides for Pass Students Only) will be opened and informed to you through course announcement very soon. Pass students will be required to submit their PPTs in this assignment.

Note for “Pass” students:

Students who have been declared Pass in written work in Assignment No.4 & 5 are required to ignore Assignment No. 7 (Final Submission of Project).

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Dear Sir,
Please tell the formulae of the following ratios:
(1) Debt to tangible net worth ratio
(2) Current worth/net worth ratio
(3) Total capitalization ratio
(4) Long term assets versus long term debt

Ghulam Hussain


Dear Student

You are advised to review recommended books of your finance courses (i.e. MGT201, FIN 621 and FIN 622) which you have already studied. Share your knowledge then it will be guided to you further if require.


Respected sir,

Tell me when Trade creditors and other payable are given in balance sheet combine? which value i should take for creditors but in notes creditors is given along with related parties tell me which value origanlly taken for creditors. or what about related parties.

[highlight]You need to take amount payable to “Creditors” which is clearly mentioned in the notes.[/highlight]

Respected sir,

i hope you will be fine in good health and Imaan. Sir i have a problem in order to determine accounts receivable from the financial statements of selected companies. as accounts receivable is related to parties to whom on credit base goods or services deliver.

 Actually there is no clear way to find out Accounts Receivable in the balance sheet of the companies.

in financial statements with Secured and unsecured Trade Debtors also other receivable include 1) due from related parties, miscellinious rebate, and sale tax etc is mention

The question is which value i should use to determine accounts receivable?

  1. Is only due from parties or
  2. Both secured and unsecured Trade debts

[highlight]You are required to take total amount of “trade debts” given in the balance sheet.[/highlight]

Respected sir
Kindly tell me that  Average Operating Assets = (Property, Plant + Cash & Bank Balance + Trade debts + Inventory) / 2

Sir tell me that i divided by 2…… or 4 , because 4 things are in bracket … i m confused 


Dear Student,

This is not the right way for calculating average operating assets. First you have to calculate Operating assets for each year by using the following formula:

Operating Assets = Property, plant and equipment + Cash and Bank balance + Bill receivables + Trade debts + Inventory

After calculating Operating assets for each year, use following formula for average operating assets:

Average operating assets for the year 2012 = (Operating assets for the year 2011 + Operating assets for the year 2012) / 2

You can calculate average operating assets for the year 2011 and 2010 in the same way.


Respected Sir What is meant by unconsolidated reports i have study bank alfalh annual reports  2012 in that reports they have not used word consolidated or unconsolidated . are it means audited or unaudited ?


Dear student,

Consolidated statement is a combined statement of parent company and subsidiary company. In contrary to that, unconsolidated financial statements are the stand-alone financial statements of a company/subsidiary. There is a probability that the subsidiary company might be bearing losses but overall group might be earning profits or vice versa. So the results might vary.

Therefore it is recommended to take values from unconsolidated financial statements. You can find unconsolidated financial statements on Page # 63 in case of Annual report of BAFL for the year 2012. Whereas you can find both Unconsolidated and Consolidated Financial Statements of Standard Charter Bank Ltd. in the annual report 2012.




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