Comparison of CRM strategies of Warid vs Telenor

      MKT619   Comparison of CRM strategies of Warid vs Telenore

Project all about CRM


The primary aim of this research is to examine and measure the effectiveness of CRM strategies of Warid and Telenore. The main purpose of this research is record the consumer’s perception towards their particular company CRM strategies. Therefore Data will be collected from the Warid and Telenore Customers by offering them structured questionnaires, a survey will also conducted in this regard. The study will use primary data through using a non-probability convenience sampling technique from the mentioned sample size.


Data analysis portion is presenting the true views of the customers; here you can see the percentage analysis have been done to understand the comparison.  Hence data was presented in one table of both companies. Through percentage analysis, the study has measured the true response of the customers regarding to CRM strategies of Warid and Telenore. Each table is presenting the percentage values of every question and respondents scores. Graph is also presenting the percentage of particulate questions. So with the help of that analysis study has achieved all the objectives which are mentioned earlier. If we study the whole analysis of both companies, we can conclude overall result that Warid company has effective and strong CRM strategies  then Telenore on the base on above finding of each questions.

Hence Purpose of this study was to determine the customers’ perception regarding to CRM strategy of Warid and Telenore and then compare the CRM strategies of both companies. You have seen that data was collected from the customers of both company through distributed them Self administrative questionnaires which have been already prepared before survey. In research large number of primary data has been used to achieved the given objectives and aim of this research. Data analysis has presenting both companies respondent’s views, interests regarding to both company CRM strategies in form of percentage analysis.


All the data have been presented in combined tabulation form with comparative graph. Each table and graph is holding both company data for better understanding. On the base on overall analysis, The study has found Warid have effective and strong CRM strategies then Telenore and customers have very positive reaction against CRM strategies of Warid. For more clarification and result you can see the data analysis portion.

Why CRM Strategies between Warid Vs Telenor

Most of the Companies like Warid telecom and Telenore in Pakistan strictly follow the exact CRM strategy to meet the customers desired. The main objectives of this CRM strategy are to maximize profitability relationships with customers by increasing the value of the relationship for both the vendor and the customers. According to survey by Gartner, Inc, the world largest technology research and advisory firm, 60 percent of CRM implementation are considered failures from the company, s point of view. CRM study 2004, a survey conducted by the National federation in USA for its more then 100 members companies, showed that only about 30 percent of those years, respondents said that their CRM initiatives are fully meeting or exceeding their expectation at this point.

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