MKT619 Final Project Proposal result has announced the MKT619 Project proposal result. Those students who are submitted their proposals to for checking purpose are required to follow the guidelines which are provided on your proposal papers. All Mark Proposals have been sent your provide address. You are strongly advised to follow the instruction care fully then submit proposal to your university.

Proposals has been marked with two conditions

  1.  Rejected
  2. Needs for Improvement

Those students whom their proposal has been marked with rejected case are required to read the condition # 1 and then modify their proposal accordingly. Those students having comments with Needs for improvement are required to read the condition # 2 then modify their proposal accordingly.

Condition # 1

Your selected topic is not appropriate. You are NOT allowed to work any more on this topic. You are required to be specific with respect to your area of specialization. You are required to choose another topic relevant to your area of specialization on which sufficient PRIMARY DATA can be gathered and analyzed and send the revised proposal thereafter as per due date.  You are advised consult the list of topics uploaded on in order to know what kind of topic should be chosen for final project. You are further required to follow the specified format uploaded on for writing the revised proposal.

Your proposal is REJECTED as it does NOT reveal what you want to do in your final project. You have NOT followed the format for project proposal as specified on .  A proposal is, in fact, a roadmap for your final project. Its purpose is to provide an outline of your final project. This document fails to serve this particular purpose. You are, therefore, required to write revised proposal by strictly following the specified format of project proposal.

Special instructions:

 • Do not use word “I” and use this study will……..
• Your project proposal must be in future tense
• There should not be any plagiarize material in your project proposal
• There should be 3-4 objectives
• Follow the exact format of project proposal and do not include any irrelevant material
• Follow the exact format of methodology in project proposal

Condition  # 2

Your project proposal needs improvement. You are required to write and submit revised proposal according to the instructions made in this proposal. Make sure the revised proposal is a must to proceed for final project. Without submitting of revised proposal you are not allowed to work on project.

 Proposal have been checked and commented by Mian aamir. I hope it will be clear if there is any confusion you are more than welcome to ask.

Wish you good luck.


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