List of Topics for MKT619 Final Project Marketing

List of Topics for MKT619 Final Project Marketing fall 2013 

  1. Consumer perception regarding in-store environment: A comparative study of two mega stores A & B.
  2. Consumer perception with respect to product purchase decision: A comparative study of brand A, brand B and brand C (from the same product line).
  3. Consumer perception with respect to Perceived Quality and Brand Association: A comparative study of brand A & brand B.
  4. Consumer perception with respect to Brand Awareness and Brand Loyalty: A comparative study of brand A & brand B.
  5. Comparison of Brand loyalty and Customer satisfaction of Brand A & Brand B.
  6. Comparison of Perceived quality and Store image of hyper markets.

 List of Topics for MKT619 Final Project Dissertation 

  1.    Effect of brand equity on product purchase decision: a study of cosmetic    products users.
  2.    Effect of retail branding on consumer buying behavior: a study of fashion   brands.
  3.    Effect of advertising spending on brand loyalty.
  4.    Effect of advertising spending on customer satisfaction


The students are required to choose a MKT619 project marketing topic from the list given above.  For every topic, the students must choose two competing brands in the same industry. The selected brands are required to be mentioned in the topic.


More than one student can select the same topic from the given list; however, they are NOT allowed to submit the same work. The submitted work must also be different from the one submitted by any other student in previous semesters.

Copied work will be straightaway rejected without any consideration and the result of such students will be declared as FAIL. The students are NOT recommended to work on “new product development” because of the potential difficulties in gathering sufficient primary data related to this topic

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