HRM619 Project Emotional Intelligence on employee Performance

HRM619 Final project Emotional Intelligence on employee Performance

This proposed study examines how emotional intelligence associated with job performance. We build and test a compensatory model that assumes that the association between emotional intelligence and job performance becomes more positive as cognitive intelligence decreases. Researcher found strong relationship among emotional intelligence and employee performance.

This research is needed because the environment of today’s organization has been completely changed. The organization structure has been changed from “Great Man theories to relations theories, from control to empowerment. So in this situation employee want respect of their emotions. To get competitive edge organizations need to handle the emotions of their employee. And for this the intelligence of emotions must be learned. This research explore the importance of emotional intelligence tells how to implement this in organizations.

Employee performance means ability to perform effectively in the organization. It doesn’t mean that to accomplish the job that assigned you but to complete this task with effectiveness and effectively.

I’ll distribute questionnaires among 200 managerial and non-managerial employees of different educational background and have more than one year experience in their current position in the organization because this study is correlational and descriptive in nature.

I’ll use Self modified questionnaire to collect data on emotional intelligence coefficient and employee performance.

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