HRM619 Final Project Assignment 03 Spring 2013

This HRM619 Final Project assignment is for below mentioned students ONLY: 


1.     Whose HRM619 Proposals has been in Assignment # 02 has been REJECTED

2.     Whose  HRM619 Proposal submitted in Assignment # 02 Needs Improvement

3.     Who have not submitted Proposal against Assignment # 02 

Dear Student,

This is to inform you that assignment 03 (revised proposal for project/dissertation) has been given on VULMS for the above mentioned students ONLY. You must submit your revised / improved proposal against Assignment#03 before Due Date: May 24, 2013. Make sure no submission will be entertained through E-mail.

Dare to Ask


Please tell me the pattern or method of writing literature review in proposal. What are essentials of literature review and how long it should be what will be the format of writing literature review.
thanks & regards

Literature review is the critical analysis of already conducted researches on the chosen topic. You are required to read different research papers on your chosen topic and find out the main theme areas of those research papers and explain them in logical manner in the section of literature review. You are also required to include the critical analysis of the research papers in your literature review.  It should cover all the dimensions and aspects of your topic and its variables.     


Dear Sir,
My previous project was rejected because project title was too broad. now i choose this topic is this right that i start work on it because 2 days left in submission of project proposal.
Topic: Employee perception about organizational structure and its impact on project failure.   A comparative study
is this a valid topic that i could able to start work on it . Please give me quick reply, i have send an email but no response.

There is no need to be disappointed in just 22 minutes. You need to be patient as i am  here to reply your queries. Ok now as far as your problem is concerned you need to operationalize project failure. It is important that how  you are going to study project failure as this will be the dependent variable that needs to be tackle with care

You need to make the dimensions of the project failure in this regard or are you taking only those projects that are already failed If the latter is the case then you need to just study the factors of the failure and structure can be one possibility for that.

Please define Action research in simple words

Action research is a type of applied research in which people being researched upon are also brought practically in that research. Its characteristics incorporate popular knowledge, focus on goal of empowerment and increased awareness of the participants in the research.
For example: Mr.Barzan wants to research upon the great achievement of  his uncle Mian Aamir,s entrepreneurial life. For this he asks him to write some details  about himself in his own words. In this way the participant of the research is being brought into action for this purpose.

Explain in simple words what is rationalisam?

Babar Khurshid Khan,
Dear Babar Khurshid Khan,
Rationalism is a belief that opinions and actions should be based on reason and knowledge. The logical interpretation of the data is rationalism which based on some prior knowledge gained in that specific area.
For example: 80% of the class passed in Research Methodology out of 100. The rationalism in this statement would be that 80 students of this class passed the subject and the rest of the 20 were failed. This is the logical interpretation of the given data.

What is the difference between investigation and interview?

Investigation and interview are similar up to some extent. Investigation is to enquire something which can be done by interview, observation or questionnaires. Generally interview is considered as data collection tool in research methods. If you investigate by taking interview it means you have respondent consent however there are some investigations that are done hidden e.g. investigations done by intelligence agencies to catch the criminals.

Dear Sir please explain what do mean by sensory experiences?

The literal meaning of Sensory Experience is any activity that promotes awareness of one or more of the five senses that is; hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste. Similarly, we can state that Science is a method or a procedure for the production of knowledge, through the process of observation that is the sensory experience.

For example: Miss.  Aisha observes that the Dinner served at a local restaurant was very spicy. Here Miss  Aisha has used his observation by having his Taste Sensory Experience in use.


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