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Finance Projects Reports, MBA students can download ratio analysis,profitability ratio analysis,cash flow analysis and activity ratio analysis and working capital management related projects.

HRM619 Assignment 05 MBA Project Report


HRM619 Assignment 05 MBA Project Report This assignment is for below mentioned students ONLY: Who have submitted a Valid Proposal for HRM619 assignment 05 MBA project report in Fall 2014 Whose Final Project/Dissertation submitted in assignment  #04 has been declared as NEEDS IMPROVEMENT & REJECTED  and Who have not submitted Final Project/Dissertation as yet. Dear Student, This is to inform you that assignment 05 (revised final project/dissertation) has been given on VULMS for the above mentioned students ONLY. You must submit your revised / improved projects/dissertation against HRM619 Assignment# 05 MBA project report before Due Date: January 30, 2015. Make sure no submission will [...]

HRM619 Assignment 05 MBA Project Report2015-01-21T08:48:02+05:00

Ratio Analysis for the year 2014, 2014,2015 (United Bank,Askari bank)


Ratio Analysis for the year 2012, 2013,2014 (United Bank,Askari bank and Bank Alfalah) Ratios analysis are needed to compare and evaluate a company’s performance alone or within the overall industry or market. Data which is used in ratio analysis is compared with rival firms, other successful companies in the country or abroad. Or it is used to compare company performance over the years and what are the prospects for the future. By using trend analysis company’s performance over a period of time can be obtained and depending on favorable and unfavorable trends they can later be separated and analyzed accordingly. Trend [...]

Ratio Analysis for the year 2014, 2014,2015 (United Bank,Askari bank)2016-05-03T22:08:04+05:00

Dare to Ask Mian Aamir about FIN619 Project Proposal


Dear sir,I have selected three companies for fin619 project proposal, their history copy in their websites. Please tell that any problem or not. Dear Student, No, there will be no issue but make sure it should be precisely stated i.e. not exceeding one paragraph for each company. Further, it should not include mission, vision, objectives, etc. of the company. You have to write brief introduction of the company from your point of view and not from the point of view of company. For example, writing “our company produces textile products” is not appropriate. It should be written as “Company is a [...]

Dare to Ask Mian Aamir about FIN619 Project Proposal2014-05-22T18:02:36+05:00

FIN619 Final Project Finance and its Value


::: By ::: Mian Aamir iqbal anjum qundeel.com@gmail.com What is FIN619 final project Finance? Is it about arranging funds or is it concerned with forecasting  business needs? Does it include distribution of pooled funds or it is concerned with accumulation of funds only? Due to all these ambiguities, finance and the activities it covers is perceived as complex. If you are having the same bafflement then do not get upset. This document will help you in building your concepts about what finance comprises. FIN619 Final Project Finance Financing is simply the sum of 3A’s. These are: 1. Anticipation 2. Acquisition 3. [...]

FIN619 Final Project Finance and its Value2014-05-16T08:50:34+05:00

FINI619 Internship Report Finance Course Calendar 2014


Dear Students, Accept our heartiest welcome to the FINI619 Internship Report Finance Semester SPRING 2014 at Virtual University of Pakistan. It is, sincerely, hoped that you would enjoy your academic tenure at VU during this semester especially getting enrolled under this course. The main objectives of this course are to provide an opportunity and enable the students to: Get practical exposure of the real business environment. Learn by observing and practicing how different activities are carried out in the organization in actual. Critically analyze and compare the theoretical knowledge with the practical aspects. Enhance their professional and interpersonal skills. We expect [...]

FINI619 Internship Report Finance Course Calendar 20142014-05-17T17:54:44+05:00

Announcement for Course Selection for Spring 2017


Announcement for Course Selection for Spring 2014 (Classes Commencement Date: Monday, OCT 14, 2017) The Course Selection link will be available on Thursday, OCT 10, 2017 under Student Services Tab. The students are advised to logon to their respective VULMS account and select their course(s) immediately or at least before the semester commencement date. However, students may add/drop course(s) on or before OCT 21, 2017. Failing to enroll any course(s) by the last date, such students will be treated as “INACTIVE STUDENT” in Spring 2017 semester and fine will also be imposed under “Semester Freeze Rules 2012”. Notes: Existing students may Select/Add/Drop/Replace course(s) [...]

Announcement for Course Selection for Spring 20172017-11-08T17:13:24+05:00

FIN619 Project Finance on Activity Ratio Kohat,Lucky,Attock 2013-2014


FIN619 Project Finance on Activity Ratio Kohat,Lucky,Attock 2013-2014 Table of Content Section 1 8 Chapter 1 Introduction of the Project 8 1.1 Financial period under consideration for analysis (2011, 2012, 2013) 8 1,2 Introduction to Companies 9 1.3 objectives: 9 1.4 Significance 10 CHAPTER 2 Methodology 10 2.1 Data Collection Sources 10 2.2 Data Processing & Analysis: 11 CHAPTER # 3 Data Analysis 12 ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE TURNOVER 12 Average Collection Period 13 ACCOUNTS PAYABLE TURNOVER. 15 AVERAGE PAYMENT PERIOD 17 Inventory Turnover 19 Average age of inventory 20 Operating Cycle 22 TOTAL ASSETS TURNOVER: 23 FIXED ASSET TURNOVER 25 Chapter 4 [...]

FIN619 Project Finance on Activity Ratio Kohat,Lucky,Attock 2013-20142014-05-14T15:50:34+05:00

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