HRM619 Project on Personality Traits and Organizational Commitment

HRM619 Project Personality Traits and Their Relationship with  Organizational Commitment

The aim of this study is to find the relationship between different personality traits with organizational commitment which may be defined as an consistent   intensity of feeling responsibilities or ownership to achieve the organizational goals.

This project will encompass the five personality traitsmodel. The purpose of the  study is to see how all thevaryingpersonality traits have  impact on employees commitment . can further  be helpful in selection of personnel , their performance assessment and career choices. This will further help us where X management  and Y management are needed . (Hogan 1992).Crux is to utilize the human resources to the maximum extent in proper direction.

Personality , organization and  commitment are discussed before going to the selected model of personality .Personality may be defined   as unique characteristics of any individual’s behavior which is a blend of three variablesi.e genetic potentials , early environment and situational response . Hogan 1992says personality encompasses external and internal parts of our behavior  .People react and respond different evenunder one condition .This is the reason scientists have been investigating differentpersonalities with respect of their behaviors which dates back to Greeks Arena. Keirsey’s (1998) ideas of temperament classifies the personality types depending on the selection of words which can be concrete or abstract with this personalities can be divided into four different and unique personalities namely:

Four types of personalities mentioned earlier portray different types of characters such personal characters include demographic as well as other disposition variables. Researches have shown that personality types differs according to predisposition of one or more components of organizational commitment also degree of organizational commitment strongly depends upon type of personality an idealistic person may perform their duties differently than a guardian personality. Usually affective commitment leads to employee satisfaction and desired behavior by employees. Personalities change according to age of employees keeping this view in mind organization commitment and personalities are tend to change with time.

All  above variables state different mindsets and  have an impact on employees commitment working in an organization with the following out-comes :

Extraversion :This is heavily researched dimension and can be defined  as dominating– socio-ability , assertiveness and positivity. .They tend to experience positive emotions and feel comfortable in various social- settings.  (Watson ,et al ,1997)

Openness to Experience : These people always looking for new ideas , less normative, diverse , divergentand liberal .They always look for exploring new horizons . Because of this personality characteristic  they are low in formative and emotionality. (Erdheim et al ,2006)

Conscientiousness:This class is known as hard-working , responsible , determined , persistent  and self disciplined.They  take ownership with strong sense of purpose .(Robbins et al (2008)

Agreeableness: These are  conflict free people , social but without any domination  and walks on the middle of the road. They love to work with others in harmony and enjoy good relations.( Organ , D.W etal  1995 )

Neuroticism:These people can be easily un-nerved,so distraction / mood variationis akey word for them. They need positive feed backs and strokes for performance. They can easily bedepress,angry, mentally insecure, embarrassed with negative world out-look.( Watson, D, et all ,1984).


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