HRM619 Project Report on Job Satisfaction at National Bank

HRM619 Project Report on Job Satisfaction at National Bank 

Transfer of training or the degree in which trainees effectively apply the knowledge, skills and attitude gained in a training to do the job as been of paramount concern for training researchers and practitioners as training is also positively correlated with project report on job satisfaction at National Bank. The basic aim of this research was to measure the employee job satisfaction level at National bank of Pakistan.

 MBA Project on job satisfaction at National Bank of Pakistan

On other words, we can say that training in the most simplistic definition is an activity that changes people behavior. Increased productivity is often said to be the most vial reason for training. But it is only of the the benefits  Training is essential not only to increase productivity but also to motivate and inspire workers by letting them know how important their jobs are and giving them all the information they need to perform those jobs. The training plays an essential role in the organization. The project report on job satisfaction and vital impact on employees and organization and makes them more productive and qualified. Hence this study has taken as Effect of Training practices on Job Satisfaction at National Bank of Pakistan. Research shows that if employees will satisfy in their job then automatically organization will gain fruitful results from them. It is necessary by training the employees with up to date methods. Hence project report on job satisfaction is presenting the true findings of employee perception towards national bank of Pakistan satisfaction.

Job satisfaction project abstract and findings

For this some analysis were conducted. Questionnaires were distributed to collect data then from these questionnaires mean values were taken to analyze the employees’ perceptions towards their job. Mean values of Training are saying that employees of NBP are satisfied with their training system. And mean value of job satisfaction is saying that employees are also with this variable.

Correlation was found out to judge the relationship between independent variable training and dependent variable Job satisfaction. And it was realize that there was very high relationship between both variables. If training of employees will more improve then they will satisfy with their job more.

Job satisfaction being a complex phenomenon the nature and extent of factor contributing to it are not yet fully known studies of Harzberg, Mansuner and Snyderman and the two factor theory of job satisfaction proposed by them helps   in  understanding  the  relevant  factors  prevailing  across  cultures  as well as in Pakistan

So effect training program may increase the job satisfaction level with in the company. If training would be effective, then job satisfaction also will be high. Poor training program may leads to low job satisfaction. So it is positively correlated each other.

The research of this study was performed upon topic “Effect of Training practices on Job Satisfaction at National Bank of Pakistan”. The main purpose of this study was to discover effect the training practices on employees of NBP and found out the relationship between Training and Job satisfaction.

Do you want job satisfaction Project free download?

Not at all. You cannot download this project free of cost. This project is presenting the actual findings of job satisfaction level at National bank of Pakistan. The Project report on job satisfaction have been done and written by Mian Aamir. The survey was conducted at National bank of Pakistan head office and data was collected from the employees with the help of questionnaires. (Questions filled by the employees are also available in hard form) Therefore all these documents are not free of cost. For more detail you can post your query at or use below tools for contact us. 



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